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8 Tips on Effective Dubbing

Dubbing is one of the most important aspects of success of a film. Will you ever see a movie where the dialogues cannot be heard clearly or there is constant background noise? No, right? But when...

Satyam Raj Apr 28, 2017
Food Photography: 6 Tips to Make Food Mouth Watering Images

Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art, so make your food look yummy and become the envy of your empty-stomached friends. So, at any point of time have you taken a picture of food and it simply...

Sameer Tendulkar Apr 28, 2017
Best Television of April

And just like that, another April has come and passed. This April, we saw the beginning of another baseball season. We experienced the first 100 days of a brand new presidential administration. And we...

Sam Joseph Apr 28, 2017
Why Your Desktop Photos Are a Work of Art

It has become so easy to just download an image on your desktop computer and set it up as wallpaper and impress anyone who looks at it. It is equally simple nowadays to access some of the best stock...

Richa Jha Apr 28, 2017
Benefits of Purchasing Contemporary Painting for House Interior Designing

A lot of thinking processes, passion, creativity and handworks are involved, when an author writes a book or a painter draws a perfect painting. Contemporary art is not all about following a few fixed...

Elizabeth Epand Apr 28, 2017