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Get Your Answers to Mobile Phone Encryption Queries

"Privacy is dead." Every data you collect, every message you send and every website you surf is being watched. If correctly said, every device like mobiles carries a major portion of your everyday...

Articles > Computers > Security Dec 30, 2016
Protect Your Smartphone Using Elliptical Curve Cryptography

This is the age of the smartphones and the internet. People love to browse the internet on the go. The youngsters especially have taken to internet like a duck takes to water. They are absolutely...

Articles > Technology & Science > Cell Phones Jul 07, 2017
The Ecc Encrypted Messaging is the Best Solution to Thwart Hackers.

The use of the smartphone has become very common. This has become the most convenient instruments for communicating with people. When we use the word ‘communicating’, we refer to the telephonic...

Articles > Computers > Security Apr 21, 2017
The Main Advantages of Adopting Ecc Security

Owning and using a smart phone has become more of a necessity today. Practically every person in the world has access to smartphones. The easy availability of the internet and the convenience of using...

Articles > Computers > Security Aug 07, 2017

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