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Change Your Looks; Get Shapely Brows with Microblading Pigment

Remember those weird and snarling looking women in cartoon series who had black etched eyebrows that raised themselves into the hairline? These animations portrayed women with tattooed eyebrows...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Jul 12, 2017
Get New Sharp Hair with Skin-Safe Ink and Disposable Microblading Tools

There is a new beauty technique that has taken the beauty salons by storm. You must have seen pictures of gorgeous looking people on internet, and their perfectly shaped brows often leave us...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Jul 11, 2017
Shape Eyebrows Back to Perfection with Microblading Training

Do you have empty spaces in your eyebrows and does the lack of appropriate thickness ruin your beauty? The fashion world of today has been blown away by a hot new trend of creating fantastic looking...

Articles > Beauty > Cosmetics Jun 22, 2017
Take Microblading Classes to Create Crisp Natural Looking Hair

It’s a well-known fact that people who undergo strong chemotherapy sessions to deal with their cancer condition start to face an immense amount of hair loss. This is when the art of Microblading was...

Articles > Beauty > Cosmetics Jun 26, 2017
The Semi-Permanent Ink in Microblading Pen Can Shape Perfectly Thick Brows

The permanent etching of ink or tattooing has slowly led to the discovery of a new semi-permanent beauty technique of inking called Microblading. This is very similar to tattooing and the only...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Jul 17, 2017

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