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The Key Factors Affecting the Degree of Exposure to Radiation Sources

Radiation can be a grave issue not only in commercial centers such as nuclear power plants, medical facilities, and chemical factories, but also in homes and in our daily lives as more and more of the...

Steven J. Stanek Sep 07, 2014
Imparting the Know-How of Vibration Damping Materials to Novices

If you are hearing about vibration damping materials for the first time, you will perhaps be surprised to know that these materials are in fact widely in use. Even more surprising would be to know...

Steven J. Stanek Sep 05, 2014
Ethical Relativism

Ethical relativism is defined as the theory that ethical judgments or principals are relative to norms of an individual’s culture. That means whether an action is wrong or right depends on moral norms...

Joane Nate Aug 30, 2014
10 Good Reasons to Decide Upon Residences for Located

Picking out the ultimate set to live in is making a most significant conclusion in your life. And the other step which could be even more hectic to choose is whether or not it is important to own...

Kathleen Miller Aug 01, 2014
What is the Clients Role in the Outsourcing Relationship

1888 Press Release - AmeriQuest Business Services' David Nitzsche explains why it's a prescription for disaster when clients do not stay involved in the client-provider relationship when business...

Abashley Barnett Jun 27, 2014
Corcentric to Co Host Webinar on the Future of Procure to Pay

1888 Press Release - Corcentric and The Accounts Payable Network (TAPN) co-host Webinar that illustrates the power of collaboration in the procure-to-pay process.McLean, VA - Corcentric, a leading...

Abashley Barnett Jun 25, 2014
Corcentric Holds Inaugural Users Group Meeting at the Ameriquest Symposium

1888 PressRelease - COR360 customers gather at the Symposium to network, share insights, and hear renowned speakers discuss the latest developments in technology.CHERRY HILL, NJ, - For the first time...

Abashley Barnett Mar 18, 2014
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