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10 Condensed Milk Recipes Under 5 Minutes

One of the most famous names in condensed milk is Amul mithai mate. Generally, condensed milk contains many calories, but it also has many benefits of its own. The first and the most important benefit...

Sunny Sharma Jun 23, 2017
Cassia Gum Market Will Hit at a Cagr 6.5% During 2015– 2020

Cassia gum made from the endosperm of Senna obtusifolia (also called Cassia obtusifolia or Cassia tora) is used as a food additive in food & beverage and manufacturing industry. Cassia gum is used as...

Ankush Nikam Jun 23, 2017
Will You Lose Weight with the Alkaline Diet?

Losing Weight: Before anything else, you need to know one thing – You CANNOT lose weight, unless the calories burned are more than the calories consumed. There are two ways to go about it. Either you...

Hampry Gomes Jun 23, 2017