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The Most Amazing Stud Earrings Ever

Day by day, the stud earrings are being a part of human life. As these earrings are created in several unique designs, these are extensively preferred by both men and women. Stud earrings refer to the...

Sandeep Malik Sep 02, 2014
Hidden Mystery Behind Amethyst Stone Jewellery

Many gemstones are used as jewelry from ancient time. These gemstones are very attractive to look and loving by all. Then people modified them and started to use as jewelry. Amethyst is such kind of...

Sandeep Malik Sep 02, 2014
Durable and Functional Range of Casio Pro Trek Watches

Very few watches have been made to serve equally well on rough terrains and waters as in a trouble-free zone. Land, mountains or oceans, the Pro-TREK range from Casio comes packed with a stunning...

Jasson CityWatches Sep 02, 2014
Heavily Constructed and Simplistic Style of Citizen Promaster Watches

Do anything you want to, the Citizen Promasters won’t let you down! While that might sound like one egomaniacal silverback thumping his chest, but reality says glorifying the Promasters are really an...

Jasson Conn Sep 02, 2014
Why You Should Invest in Buying Some Nice Jewlery

You can really make a good first impression on everyone when you are entering a room, if you have on some really beautiful pieces of jewelry. You should pay close attention to these useful tips and...

Rogel Dickson Aug 31, 2014
Men Buying Jewelry for Women Need to Know These Few Things

You could be considered as a subject of derision if you move out and ask why women love jewelry? It’s like asking why human need food or water. From the ages, jewelry has played a significant role in...

Sandeep Malik Aug 30, 2014
Creating Beauty on a Budget with Topaz and White Gold Engagement Rings

After a couple has chosen a white gold engagement ring, the next step in the process is to choose a stone. One of the most enchanting yet durable gemstones of choice is the topaz. Showing off a vivid...

Lisa Jeeves Aug 29, 2014
Confused About the Differences Between Estate, Antique and Vintage Engagement Rings?

Most buyers and even dealers of jewellery use the terms ‘antique’, ‘vintage’, and ‘estate’ loosely and interchangeably, but these terms actually have distinct differences. These terms are generally...

Lisa Jeeves Aug 29, 2014
How Sapphire Engagement Rings Are Valued

When it comes to judging the quality of sapphire engagement rings and determining their cost, it is not as simple as it is with diamonds. All gemstones, sapphires included, are assessed according to...

Lisa Jeeves Aug 29, 2014
Royal Sapphire Engagement Rings of Europe

When Prince William placed the late Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring on Kate Middleton’s finger, the ring undoubtedly became one the most famous sapphire rings in the world. However, while...

Lisa Jeeves Aug 29, 2014
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