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Pros and Cons of White Gold Engagement Rings

Buying an engagement ring is a notable episode in any man’s life. It marks the start of a new chapter, the start of a promise between two hearts to forever be connected as one. An engagement ring thus...

Lisa Jeeves Jul 29, 2014
Nickel and Palladium Alloys for White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold engagement rings are one of the hottest styles on the market. The metal offers a shiny modern alternative to its yellow counterpart while still retaining a sense of traditional flare. This...

Lisa Jeeves Jul 29, 2014
Two Common Ways to Enhance Sapphire Engagement Rings

Gemstone enhancement has been practiced for centuries, and today the majority of the sapphire engagement rings in the marketplace have undergone an array of treatments to improve their clarity and...

Lisa Jeeves Jul 29, 2014
Proper Care for White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold engagement rings became popular during World War II when the use of platinum for non-military purposes was made illegal. The material is a reasonably priced, stylish, flexible metal that...

Lisa Jeeves Jul 29, 2014
What is the Appeal of Sapphire Engagement Rings?

Sapphire engagement rings have been growing increasingly popular amongst couples looking to signify their looming betrothal. Although sapphires are generally a less expensive gemstone than diamonds...

Lisa Jeeves Jul 29, 2014
Enjoy Total Comfort with Minnetonka Slippers

Contrary to the popular misconception the moccasins are not necessarily slip-on shoes, they can be lace-up shoes as well. Another misconception is that they do not have insoles. Although, they...

Ken Jonson Jul 27, 2014
Amanda Mansell: an Example of Versatility in the Jewellery World

Some people are born with a vocation, but lack the means, the background or simply the conviction to pursue it; others choose to follow their dream regardless of how it may affect them, their lives...

Lisa Jeeves Jul 26, 2014
The Side-Effects of Getting Engaged

For the majority of young (and even a few older) couples, getting engaged is the first big step towards something bigger still. Signalling their mutual love and desire to commit through a symbolic...

Lisa Jeeves Jul 26, 2014
The History of the Sapphire Engagement Ring

One of the types of jewel to reap the most benefit from the current configuration of the jewellery market has been the sapphire engagement ring. Once popular as a symbol of eternal love, this type of...

Lisa Jeeves Jul 26, 2014
The Right Personality Type for a Black Engagement Ring

In the current bridal and engagement jewellery scene, a black engagement ring is still very much an outside runner. With black typically associated with sad or negative things, it is understandable...

Lisa Jeeves Jul 26, 2014
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