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Name Necklace: What Makes It Desirable

The popularity of name necklace seems to be rising as the days go by. More and more people are been drawn to this piece of jewellery. It is simply an ornament or jewelry which features a person's...

Ralph Limmer Apr 16, 2014
A Few Amazing Necklace Pieces to Glorify Your Beauty

Who does not love jewelry and creating a huge collection of it is sometimes passion for many. If you too love collecting adorable jewelry pieces, then why not have some pieces, which can be combined...

Steve Volk Apr 16, 2014
Some Adorable and Affordable Pieces to Replace Your Diamonds and Platinums

Diamonds are generally termed as the love of women; nevertheless, sometime they highly impact on the pocket and can damage your routine budget. So, nowadays, jewelry makers are focusing on some other...

Steve Volk Apr 16, 2014
Get Stylish and Unique Body Jewelry Online

Body jewelry has been one of the most significant parts of different cultures and religions since time immemorial. In the early days, body jewelry and piercing was used as a symbol of bravery and...

Liyo Josef Apr 16, 2014
Aqua Fortress Celtic Jewellery and Celtic Gifts Manufacturer and Supplier

Newcomers Guide to start a hand craft Jewelry The person having artistic and creative mind can easily start a home based hand craft jewelry business. Handcrafted jewelry makers work with conventional...

Patricia Connolly Apr 15, 2014
Aqua Fortress Celtic Jewellery and Celtic Gifts Manufacturer and Supplier

Cultural Aspects of Handmade jewelry Another name of ornamentation is jewelry. Jewelry has always been essential to people who loves to accessorize. One of important crafts of today’s world is beaded...

Patricia Connolly Apr 15, 2014
Diamond Earrings Help to Wear Killer Looks for Party

Jewelry items always remain on threat of distortion. For the same reason, owners wrap them finely to keep intact. But, despite all the efforts, they somehow meet unwanted situations. You do not need...

Michael Trio Apr 15, 2014
Advantages of Cluster Engagement Rings

When it comes to choosing a shape, cut and setting for an engagement ring, couples nowadays can easily become overwhelmed by the wealth of choice on offer. There seems to be an almost endless array of...

Lisa Jeeves Apr 14, 2014
What Are Solitaire Engagement Rings?

There are certain things almost every woman dreams about when it comes to romantic relationships. A dashing man who treats her right and helps run the household would of course be at the top of many a...

Lisa Jeeves Apr 14, 2014
The Advantages of Solitaire Engagement Rings

One of the most stressful aspects of an engagement (at least for the groom) is the choice of a ring. Something about engagement jewellery makes brides become extremely specific about what kind of...

Lisa Jeeves Apr 14, 2014
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