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Cake-Cutting Etiquette and Guidelines

The presentation of the wedding cake marks the culmination of the day's festivities and a final symbol of a happy couple's new partnership. Many people eagerly await the cake as much as they may...

Alyssa Holroyd Mar 25, 2015
Why No One Wants to Get (or Stay) Married

Of their reasons for not being married, 95 percent of the singletons claimed they haven’t found someone with the qualities that they’re looking for in a spouse. Have we created a culture of impossibly...

Alyssa Holroyd Mar 24, 2015
Inspiration is All when Beauty Calls

With sites like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram it is easy to find and access thousand of images and videos everyday. But is this just a copy game or you need something more to be able to make the next...

Melinda Larson Mar 12, 2015
7 Essential Tips for Buying a Cheap Wedding Dress...without Getting Ripped off

Congratulations! You're engaged! The easy part is over — you found someone to spend the rest of your life with — now you have just few short months to plan a wedding, and perhaps most importantly...

Alyssa Holroyd Mar 10, 2015
Romantic Sunsets Punctuate Couple’s Love Story

Shortly after graduating from college, Molly Fudge and Andrew Sohr were introduced by mutual friends in Nashville. They became fast friends in the autumn of 2011, but by springtime, they were...

Alyssa Holroyd Mar 02, 2015
Quality Products That Leaves Your Hands and Feet Looking Immaculate

Elegant Nails Design proposal complements the services of its renowned and exclusive Acrylic Artificial Nails SPA, with the latest wellness treatments and personal care, combining knowledge and...

R Anoop Webspy Feb 23, 2015
Look Pretty on the Most Important Occasions of Your Life

Well, if one think then it is really a wrong statement to say for a girl; ‘to look pretty’. All girls basically are pretty looking, they just need a complimentary add up to it, like a stunning dress...

Ricky Mario Jan 29, 2015
Juror 58: ‘I Have a Wedding to Go to’

Paying for travel expenses and having to take time off of work to go on a forced vacation usually top the list of grievances for wedding guests attending destination ceremonies. But for one of the...

Eve Knaggs Jan 22, 2015
Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Our Professionally Done, Manicure & Pedicure Services

The feet and hands say a lot about our personality. Giving proper care can even make us look younger. Thinking about this, Elegant Nails Design Salon & Spa has everything for you.Say goodbye to your...

R Anoop Webspy Jan 20, 2015
Caroline Flack Reveals Simon Cowell Support

The 35-year-old presenter won the reality TV show on Saturday night (20.12.14) and although she and Simon - the creator of 'The X Factor' - were appearing on rival programmes, the music mogul found...

Janell White Dec 28, 2014
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