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New York Fashion Week Wraps with Marc Jacobs

New York Fashion Week's eight-day whirl wrapped on Thursday with some of the design world's biggest names showing on the runways. Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs all presented on Thursday...

Sienna Haynes Sep 14, 2014
Temporary Hair Removal Alternatives

There are many different hair removal systems available in the market to get rid of unwanted hair. Permanent hair removal cost expensive and not affordable for everyone. There are many temporary hair...

Miki Barzig Sep 13, 2014
All You Need to Know About Consulting a Beauty Therapist in Gold Coast

With changing times, every person has become increasingly aware of taking care of his health and appearance by using newer technologies. The Beauty Salons at Gold Coast aim at providing the best...

Jackson Clark Sep 12, 2014
Effective Ways to Treat Vitiligo Disorders & How to Prevent Them

Vitiligo is a disorder in which white patches appear on various parts of the skin. It can affect any location on the body, however, areas that are exposed to the sun, injured, near body openings and...

Terry Barlowe Sep 12, 2014
Authenticity Amid Anxiety: 5 Wedding Guideposts

I asked my son, Daniel Dowd, and my daughter-in-law, Rebecca Carton, on their first anniversary to give a reflection on weddings and what they learned along the way. They came up with five pillars in...

Sienna Haynes Sep 11, 2014
Understanding Peptides and the Paraben– the Good and Bad Effect for Your Skin

Your skin is one of the most important parts of your whole body. Responsible for building a personality as well as defending your internal organs, your skin is what gives you your unique identity. It...

Henry Rohleder Sep 09, 2014
Meet Your Desire at Leading Spa in Carlsbad

Try to make out some time for yourself after a hectic day for relaxing your mind and body so that you become ready to face the challenges in the upcoming days. Relaxing at your own home or anywhere...

Rick Jefferson Sep 09, 2014
Know Your Cutis and Treat It with Care

Beautiful radiant skin is the most important when it comes to women. They are prepared to go to a lot of trouble to achieve this and are prepared to try on any cream that they think will help them...

Henry Rohleder Sep 09, 2014
Enjoy the Relaxing Moments with the Finest San Diego Foot Massage

When you come out of Serenity Massage & Spa, Carlsbad, you will feel light and relaxed after an exotic experience in the finest spa treatment provided by talented and experienced therapists at your...

Rick Jefferson Sep 09, 2014
How to Cure Melasma?

Melasma is a skin condition marked with darkening of certain areas of the skin. Melasma is also known as Chloasma faciei, or the ‘mask of pregnancy’ as it commonly affects pregnant women. Symptoms The...

Jessy Allen Sep 06, 2014
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