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Modular Phones You Should Know About

Modularity -- or the ability to switch out individual parts and pieces -- isn't as far-off of a concept for phones anymore. Thanks to big tech names like Google and Motorola (who threw their hats in a...

Arvin Dingcheng Sep 25, 2017
Noise Isolating Headphones

Noise isolating headphones block environmental noise from reaching a person’s earbuds. A person using this type of earphones can listen to music at low volumes despite the noise around him or her...

Drawyne Smith Sep 23, 2017
The Main Types of Industrial Energy Audits

An energy audit is usually conducted with a defined audit scope in mind. The process typically involves systematically analyzing energy consumption and use. The process ends with identifying...

Peter Sagan Sep 23, 2017
Advantages of an Industrial Energy Audit

An energy audit is undertaken to identify where and how a facility can reduce its energy consumption as well as save money on utilities. The obvious advantage of an energy audit is saving money on...

Peter Sagan Sep 23, 2017
Signs Your Plant Could Benefit from an Energy Management System

Energy and industrial manufacturing plants go hand in hand although many plant managers don’t look into this area as thoroughly as they should. Generally speaking, the largest budget for operating a...

Peter Sagan Sep 23, 2017