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What are the types of investment properties in Singapore

Author: T. K.
by T. K.
Posted: Aug 20, 2015

Are you someone with some cash and looking to put money into the property market to grow that wealth so that one day you do not have to work so hard and able to generate income from the property and probably retire a rich man. Yes there are ways to do so and there are also certain properties that can lead you to where you want to be faster than the rest.

So how do you begin to learn how to invest in Singapore property?

Singapore there are different kinds of property and to get into each of them you have to have different level of citizenship or financing.

For the most basic kind, there is BTO or resale flats build by the HDB the housing development board and this is the kind of housing only for Singaporeans, Singaporeans are subsidized to own this kind of housing and they are only permitted to sell to residents of Singapore and therefore there is not much opportunity for you to own this property in Singapore if you are a foreigner looking to invest here in Singapore.

There are the condominium units that are common to most foreigners as this is a very common form of housing, you get facilities, security for the block and also good management by a management committee that the condominium will have. This is popular with investors because they come in 99 years leases or freehold leases and foreigners are permitted to own such units for staying or investment purposes. This is also great for persons who are looking to buy and sell, if you own a unit at a certain location you can expect to hold if for a short while and sell it off for profits.

There’s the landed houses, this is with more restrictions because only Singaporeans or permanent residents with approval are allowed to own such houses. This is also a prestigious form of housing because they cost a lot as the land they sit own is technically owned by the person who buys the property unless of course if the government needs it for development purposes. There’s an exception on the island of Sentosa where you can buy landed houses there but they cost a lot because of the location.

If you are keen to find out more about Singapore property and want to make investments here, you can contact our agents or find out more about new property launches in Singapore today.

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