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New Property launch in Singapore 2015

Author: T. K.
by T. K.
Posted: Sep 23, 2015

New Property launch in Singapore 2015

There are many property launches in a year and there are many more in Singapore, Singapore is a small nation with lots of wealth and this makes the country a great place to buy and invest in property.

When it comes to owning property you could choose between getting one from the market from another individual or to get it directly from the developers and there are many more reasons to do so then to get it from the person who has bought it before you.

Buying from the developers means you are getting it first hand, you are not using something that is USED by someone before and this makes a lot of difference for Asian people especially the Chinese who relates their personal luck to the items that they have used before and this is something that they want to know the history of.

There are many new property launches in Singapore in 2015 and also condo launches in Singapore in 2015 and this are some of the items you should look out for on why you should get a new launch

1. The unit is new

You can do renovations based on your own specifications on how you like to see it and how you would want to enjoy it. It also means no one has used it before so if they have weird or dirty habits you will not be in the unknown receiving end of it.

You will also be sure that no one has died in that unit or whatsoever

2. The upwards capital gain of the unit can be higher

When you buy It from the developer, you will have a good chance of it gaining in capital over the years that it is building and also from the few years after getting your keys. For units that have been pre owned, the chances are prices won’t be increasing that steeply maybe because nearby development prices have already been factored into the selling price in the first place.

3. The initial down payments are not that tough

For most parts of the start, you pay 5% and only when work starts to kick off do you have to pay another 5% of the sum, this means that you initial outlay is lower

New Property launch in Singapore 2015

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