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What Are the Hockey Tips for Beginners

Author: Inside the D Hockey
by Inside the D Hockey
Posted: Sep 24, 2015
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A beginner in field hockey will need to get as much information as possible. While you want to build your body form and strength including speed of hands, food, and ball, you also need to think and react to different situations differently. Learning hockey tips for beginners gives you the foundation of skills, tactics, and strategies you should possess to excel in this game.

In a field hockey game, just like soccer or other games that need team possession and elimination skill, you will need to work out properly in passing and receiving the ball. Team possession as well as elimination is just more than one attacker. Players need to train on how to keep ball possession and not necessarily on sole purpose of attacking.

Ball movements should be trained on all directions. It is also important that players have ball control. The focus is mainly on individual possession and the elimination skill. When you play field hockey, try to push with strength as opposed to slapping or hitting.

A hit that will make you lift your stick is likely to get you a penalty or the ball could be taken away from you. Also, ensure you watch your feet. Not moving the feet fast or stepping on a ball can get your team a free hit, but this is something that could easily be corrected. It is not easy to score goals.

A player needs to train on how to score under different situations. For example, players need to learn how they can release ball under pressure and in tight spaces or from a range of angles. Any field hockey player needs to understand the off ball movements. This is where they take positions when they do not have a ball. This creates support for the player who is moving the ball and allows for passing lanes. It also provides depth and width in field of play.

For young players, off ball movements can be quite challenging. When you have an offensive player who moves without a ball, it creates time, options, and space for the teammate in possession. Other skills that field hockey players would want to learn are individual and team defense.

When you join a community of field hockey players and coaches offering professional coaching, you are likely to develop your skill faster. You will also need to watch videos, local competitions, and other events where hockey players are participating. Not only that, player should know which diet regime they can adopt in order to develop strength.

Strength is key in this game. In addition to taking the right diet, exercises also help in improving endurance, speed, sprinting, and general well-being. Hockey game is all about how you read and react. You need to do drills, which are not static and allow you to react.

For instance, you may want to do a box jump when your partner claps other than jumping whenever you want. You are able to possess the sound of clapping in your brain so that you react to that appropriately. These are some of the hockey tips for beginners, which can help players gain the skill, strategies, knowledge, and tactics needed to play this game.

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