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Understanding Death Cleanup

Author: Lora Davis
by Lora Davis
Posted: Nov 22, 2015

In the event that there has been a violent crime, homicide or suicide, the police and forensic investigators will come in and do their work after which they live the scene as they found; perhaps after taking away the body. The mess that is left behind will need to be cleaned up by someone. While most people think that task is simple, the truth is that it is one task that I complicated and full of risks; the scene will normally involve blood, body fluids and at times some pieces of body tissue that could have remained behind.

Crime scene cleanup experts have the responsibility to take care of any type of mess that is left behind; the job will entail anything you can imagine from congealed blood, urine, feces, brain tissue or parts of body tissue. Sometimes all these tissues will be splattered on the floor, the walls, the ceiling, the carpet or even on parts of furniture that is next to the scene. This is whey a typical crime scene cleanup will take anything from an hour to several days depending on the severity of the problem.

Scenes of violent crime, homicide or suicide are mess places and semen needs to have a really string stomach to work with death cleanup companies. People who work with these teams usual receive some form of medial related training as well as mental preparation to be able to deal with blood and gore every day of their working lives. Members of crime scene cleanup will also undergo some masonry and carpentry training because more often than not, they will have to pull down pats of the wall, floor or ceiling in order to completely clan up a scene after which they will have to put it back together. This is normally done when it is suspected that blood or other body fluids have seeped through the carpet, cracks on the floor or walls or even penetrated the wood on the floor or ceiling. These teams are able to tear up such places and do replacement of floorboards if only to ensure that all blood borne pathogens are completely eliminated.

People who do death cleanup jobs usually equip themselves with specialized tools in addition to protective gear so that they don’t expose themselves to serious health risks; they will always wear non-porous suits, respirators, goggles and gloves for this purpose. All the bio hazardous materials they collect are usually disposed of safely and effectively after they are through with their cleanup exercise; they will most likely collect blood, brain matter, skin and other body tissue that they are supposed to transport in special containers for incineration in the designated areas. All this work requires specialized training and licensing by the authorities.

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