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Besa Mafia 0 scam complaints

Author: Mark Daverson
by Mark Daverson
Posted: Mar 29, 2017
besa mafia

Besa Mafia is Albanian drug cartel and criminal organization that have expanded online since 2013 to accept orders on Dark Web at http://jszmrn6qam3gaujv.onion. This is a special onion domain that can be viewed only with Tor Browser, something that can be download for free and protects the visitor by hiding the IP address

The Besa Mafia website can be accessed by normal browsers at

The purpose of this story is to bring light on their illegal activities our site is we hope to get media attention to put pressure on FBI to close down their site.

Light is an desifectant and bringing Dark Net sites to light helps Law Enforcement track down and close their sites.

As to this date there are no complaints against Besa Mafia on Internet even tough as they have been online for more than 3 years.

Maybe this is because they are providing 5 stars criminal services to people, such as drugs killers and gang members to beat people up.

Those who are satisfied by their services do not brag anywhere about who they killed, so there are no positive testimonials either. But the fact that there are no scam complaints mean they are a legitimate illegal business operating online, and should be closed down.

Some lazy police officers might start putting up stories about them that they scammed people, to discourage people from using them. While this sounds moral it is not a good ideea because anyone with a little of technical knowleage understands that Besa Mafia can not scam anyone because the hitman is paid after the job is done.

In real life a hitman who gets payment of 50% before the murder might run with the money, but in Internet if you pay the hitman 100% after the murder he can not run with anything.

However in order to show that a customer is serious he must add funds into a middle account, an escrow service that protects both the customer and the hitman. The escrow account can be either on the Besa Mafia website or can be an external escrow chosed by the customer.

An escrow with multisig feature enables the customer to have complete control over his funds and this way anyone can be 100% sure hiring a hitman online is not a scam.

It is too bad that their site is not a scam, this means that real killers are available to hire by anyone with a bit a money and an online connection on a computer or laptop or phone.

Their website should be closed down as soon as possible.

The fact that Besa Mafia did not scammed anyone shows that after Silk Road was siezed by FBI, other criminal organisations expaned online to make profit of millions from ilegal activities.

There are over 33 000 homicides each year in the United States, and over half of them are done by hitmen.

Some of these belong to the Besa Mafia website and are taking orders online

Figting their site must expose their criminal activities and ask for the site to be shut down. As many people as possible should submit complaints to FBI about them and ask them to close their down

This is a real website and serious problem to society, they should be closed down.

Hiring a hitman online is safer than hiring a hitman in real life because online you can put funds into a middle escrow account, and pay after the job is done.

In real life you need to pay the hitman 50% up front, and he could just run off with the money.

On the deep web, the customer does not give his name or address to the hitman and never meets him, this way he can not be caught.

On real life, the customer meets the hitman and the hitman knows the identity of the customer, he can easily turn him in or blackmail the customer for some more money

hire a hitman or address of customer, and payment is done by Bitcoin to protect the identity of the customer. This makes them even harder to detect and catch.

Many gang members from all over the world can provide their service while remaining anonymous, and getting payment after doing the job from escrow

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This article shows how cruel and inhuman the service of Besa Mafia is, on their Deep Web site.Besa Mafia is real mafia with real hit men, killers and assassins for hire.

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