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10 Medical Equipment Supplies That All Hospitals Should Always Have

Author: Sameer Tendulkar
by Sameer Tendulkar
Posted: Feb 26, 2016

A hospital should always be ready to handle the commonest problems patients face and posses the equipments necessary to treat such cases at hand. These are the key medical instruments that keep the business of offering healthcare facilities alive and enable them to offer a complete service. For crucial cases or complications the cases can always be referred to a bigger and better hospital.

Every hospital should have a standard set of equipment ready at all times for treatment of the patients. Sometimes refurbished sets can also be purchased by a facility to keep additional pieces available for handling additional number of patients. Such sets may be available at discounted rates from hospital table manufacturers and can be easily purchased.

Electrocardiogram machines: These are necessary for recording the heart’s movement and electrical activity over a certain period of time. The rhythm of the heart can be monitored with it allowing doctors to see any abnormalities.

Stress systems: These should be made available in the cardiology unit of a hospital. It helps to compare the cardiac functioning and circulation at the time of physical exertion.

Electrosurgical units: This is used during an operation and helps to alter a tissue. It helps to reduce the amount of blood flow. The electrical currents cauterize the vessels and prevent blood loss.

Surgical lights: High-powered lights are extremely important during surgery because it is the matter of a patient’s life and death. Hospitals can buy new ones or even refurbished pieces if they have more than one operating theatre.

Surgical tables and patients beds: Both these items are crucial for the functioning of a hospital and offering basic care. The presence of hospital tables is necessary only if the hospital has an operating theatre and other equipment.

Diagnostic ultrasound machines: These machines help in the diagnosis process and directing the patient towards further treatment. It aids in measuring the density, size, and internal masses present in the body. For basic pregnancy tests also this machine is important as it helps the doctors to look at the fetus and decide on the condition of the patient.

Sterilizers: Hospital sterilizers are important for disinfecting the surroundings and getting rid of the bacteria and viruses which pose hazards for the patients.

Defibrillators: Defibrillators aid in treating life-threatening conditions like ventricular fibrillation, tachycardia, and cardiac arrhythmias. Using its electrical energy the defibrillator brings back normal heart rhythm.

Anesthesia machines:These are necessary in the operating theatres to make the patient's unconscious. It includes a suction machine, ventilator and devices for monitoring patients and measure if the exact amount of anesthesia has been administered.

Monitors: LCD monitors have to be installed to keep track of the vital signs during and after all surgeries. Constant monitoring is necessary for ensuring that the patient is recovering and responding to the medicines.

All of the above should be available even in the basic medical facility for the sake of patients.

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