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How to Take Care of Your Pipes during the Winter Months

Author: Maria Williams
by Maria Williams
Posted: Apr 21, 2016

One of the most common plumbing problems during the winter is frozen pipes because of bad insulation and cold home temperatures. As the cold weather approaches, you must take better care of your water pipes just to prevent damage in your home, such as bursting and flooding. Preventive maintenance is the best thing you can do to prevent structural damage and pipe disaster when the winter arrives. The last thing you want when the temperatures drop down is costly water damage that may result in leaks and cracks in your water system.

In the northern states, where pipes run through the walls, they are more isolated and protected when the weather gets cold. If you live in a house in Sydney where the water system is placed in the exterior walls, which makes it more vulnerable when the temperatures get low, your pipes may become more exposed so you need to be aware of the climate circumstances. Because it is not always possible to change the direction of your pipelines to avoid these problems, make sure to take the following steps in order to prevent cracks and water leaks.

Insulate every hole in your wall to prevent the cold air into the space. If you can’t seal the holes than consider insulating the pipes, this could also prevent frizzing when the pipes are located on the exterior walls.

If you have a problem with water pipe detection and pipeline inspection, you can hire a company to locate the frozen pipe so can be taken care of the water damage.

Don’t make the most common mistake and turn off the climate control if no one is in the house. If the weather is very cold and the temperatures drop below 50 °F the water expands when it freezes and can cause burst pipes.

Let the water run through your pipes from time to time just a bit to help prevent the pipes from freezing. This little tip can be very handy during extreme weather conditions and it works well by reducing pressure on your pipes.

It sound obvious, but make sure your doors and windows are closed so they aren’t carrying cold air in. This will certainly cause you trouble.

Occasionally, no matter how many precautions you take, you may wake up or come home to frozen pipes. There is always a solution, but you need to act immediately. The first thing to do, if you experienced a problem is to turn off the water to prevent further damage and second-call professional leak detectors to locate your pipeline and take proper care of the problem.

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