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What are the different uses of Silica Gel Packets?

Author: Priya Shah
by Priya Shah
Posted: May 09, 2016
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Everyone is familiar with Silica Gel Pouches. They can be seen everywhere- in the boxes of the new shoes you bought, alongside the latest electronic items purchased and generally, in all packages. These Packets are small sachets containing Silica, which is a top quality adsorbent. When products are being packed, it is always advised to keep some sachets near them as they will absorb all the excess moisture present in the packages/container. The presence of moisture does not spell good news for the packed products as the vapour molecules will react with the latter. This reaction can either change its physical/chemical combination or destroy the product.

Main Uses of Packets

While the most important use of Silica Gel is in maintaining the optimum moisture levels in packages, they can be employed for various other purposes as well. Some of the main ones are mentioned below:

  1. Restore Water Damaged Phones: It proves to be very useful if your phone has accidentally fallen into water. In such cases, immediately remove the battery and memory card of the waterlogged phone and place it in a Zip-lock bag with many silica gel packets. Keep the phone in that position for the night and in the morning, you will be happy to note that the phone is functioning properly. This method can be used to remove water from other electronic devices like iPod, iPhones as well.
  2. Keep Silverware Rust-Free: For people having much silverware in the form of vessels and decorative items, silica gel pouches always come in handy. Place some of these sachets in the cupboards containing the silverware and they will remain tarnish and rust-free for a long time.
  3. Preserve Flowers: Sachets are a good tool to keep the flowers dry for long durations of time. Sometime, some flowers remind you of special occasions and you want to preserve those moments forever. In order to do so, place the flowers along with Silica Gel for some days. Silica gel will absorb all the moisture and maintain the color and shape of the dried flowers.

4. Preserve Gardening Seeds: Avid gardeners are always on the lookout for methods to preserve their new as well as old seeds for long periods of time. This is where Pouches have an important role to play. The gardening seeds can be preserved for long by placing the seeds in a Zip-lock bag containing Silica gel sachets. In the final step, place the Zip-lock bags in airtight containers so that the seeds were all ready to be used for the next season.

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Sorbead is primarily involved in to silica gel manufacturing process. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company founded in 1996, produced the high quality material of silica gel beads and crystals and supplying across to India and other countries.

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