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Why App Reviews Are So Valuable

Author: Hayes Michael
by Hayes Michael
Posted: May 18, 2016

Undoubtedly that each and every user review of a credit card applicatoin you've recently launched is significant. Admitting this truth is inadequate, and the value of such reviews mustn't be underestimated. Perhaps these reviews are much more important than you think. Here are some things you need to know, to be able to get the advantage out of the precious words left by your users.

Today numerous specialized app review websites can give a detailed opinion in your product, describe its features and emphasize its strengths. But that's not the reviews we'll talk about. The main reviews are those in application stores. Why? Because they're viewed by everyone who becomes thinking about learning more about your app before purchasing. Or not purchasing. Reviews may leave a conclusive decision.

If your application is initially free, the best option for a consumer would be to download the app and try it out for a personal opinion. If the app is paid, a consumer will certainly think before buying, and read what's written about it. Here's exactly why app rating and reviews are not less important when compared to a good description or a nice-looking app icon, name and screenshots. The page of your application is a display, and the reviews could be a part of the first impression of potential users. While some users might pay little awareness of reviews, we cannot ignore the fact a massive majority can do exactly vice app reviews

The purpose is, that there are both positive and negative reviews - and both matter. High rating (4 stars and up) is ideal for a preliminary impression. Reviews have a more complicated situation. Perhaps we tend to cover much more awareness of negative reviews. Everything that's good about the application, might be already in the description - the entire large number of features and benefits. Lots of positive reviews include a message like''cool app!' ', which could add little to the impression of a possible user. On the contrary, users are interested, what drawbacks you can find, they pay attention to unbiased, detailed opinions of paid products. Then they decide whether the app is worth it.

What's extremely useful for you, could be the would-love-to-see reviews, that suggest the features users wish. That's one of the greatest methods for receiving customer feedback. As an example, there is a review for Google Drive, which says,''Would want to see: search text within files, presentation editing, easier sharing' ', and so on. Follow the wish of the user, and you'll win loyalty.

For example, the recently launched Microsoft's Office Mobile for iOS has been met with much criticism and such reviews as''very disappointing' ',''minimal editing options, no ability to insert images or create charts, no undo/redo' '. If your app receives such reviews, it's another piece feedback to respond and improve it. Another criticism was the absence of iPad-optimized version of Office Mobile. Although it's much more logical to create a tablet version of the Office first, Microsoft is likely to disregard the requests. Not a good decision, really.

Understand that high rating is a complete asset, and don't forget to ask your users to rate the app, or, possibly, leave a review. Calls to action work - on your own websites, social network pages, and within the app itself.

Asking for a score or a review is a delicate thing. Pop-ups are the most typical solution here. Perhaps you shouldn't send them right away. Let users enjoy the program product - in a pleased mood of having found what they need, they are quite likely to pay some moments and rate the app - or spare one minute and write a quick review. Maybe for an extended review and for sharing reviews, you could announce an incentive or discount - that's beneficial to both sides, especially for you, pushing the item to the market.

The acquired rating and feedback will enhance your software product among the competitive ones. Together with an impressive-looking icon, a simple, catchy name, and other info on the page, your product can become the product of choice. A high-star rating, and a couple of good, substantial reviews can amplify the entire eye-catching image and tip the scales in your favor.

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