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Epoxy Coating Powder Exporters – A Long List of Useful Application

Author: Mr. Puneet Dagar
by Mr. Puneet Dagar
Posted: May 26, 2016
epoxy coating

Powder coating using pure epoxy powder is quite a prevalent practice in the industry. A variety of products and surfaces are treated to a layer of epoxy coating to give a hard and long lasting surface. The material usually used for giving this coating is pure epoxy powder. The Epoxy Coating Powder Exporters take a lot of care while producing the powder so that the ultimate coating process, and the resultant surface achieve the expected results.

Conditions of Coating and the Applications

The actual process of coating with the pure epoxy powder is carried out under high temperatures of around 200° C. This is the temperature as measured on the surface of the metal being taken up for coating. The primary purpose of this process of epoxy coating is to protect the surface when exposed to chemical corrosion or other extreme weather conditions. For example, in a chemical plant where different chemicals pass through under varying conditions of temperatures and pressures, the pipes and valves and other fittings are epoxy coated for a longer life. Fire extinguishers which are essential utilities in all tough environments are given this coating, again to withstand the chemical laden air. Some office furniture and metal cabinet makers also use the epoxy powder coating formula to give the external surface of their products a gloss that will stay for a fairly long period; thanks to the toughness of the epoxy compound. For the Epoxy Coating Powder Exporters, all these business segments are ready customers, and they could be exporting their products either directly to the user companies or to distributors in those countries.

Manufactured Under Ideal Conditions

The making of the pure epoxy coating powder is not a very elaborate process, but still keeping in view the nature of the ingredients, and the conditions needed to make a nice homogenous powder in the right granular size are strictly maintained. The chemical functioning of epoxy is only effective when it is used as a combination of the epoxy resin and the hardener. In the normal commercial market, the product is sold as two separate packs of resin and hardener to be mixed just before being used. However, in the case of the epoxy powder, both the resin and the hardener along with the coloring and filling agents are all mixed and heated, extruded and dried and finally powdered. Depending on the market demand, Epoxy Coating Powder Exporters, sell in different pack sizes. From the quality point of view, all technical tests are conducted, to make sure the product will deliver the results expected, on the coated surface.

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