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Shower Chair for Elderly People

Author: Manish Batra
by Manish Batra
Posted: Apr 19, 2018
shower chairs

More accidents and deaths occur in a bathroom statistically, than anywhere else in the home. For the elderly this is Especially true as they are more prone to slipping and falling, especially when getting in or out of a shower or bathtub.

Fortunately, there is a solution for that which enables them to sit and safely take a shower or if they’re capable of Standing for short periods of time they can still do that with the option of sitting down on a shower chair. For anyone Who takes care of an elderly person you may have any questions about shower chairs and we’ll do our absolute best Answer them.Not just shower chairs for the elderly.

Shower chairs are similar to that of a regular chair except that they are built to not move or easily tip over in places Like baths and showers. They are meant to be used for people with disabilities or especially for those who are disabled.

Shower chairs typically come in a variety of different styles depending on what suits the elderly person in need. They are All fairly strong in structure as it makes them harder to tip over.

The material they’re made of in most cases are a hard type of plastic with a big of a rugged built in design. While they Are made to be comfortable the built-in design actually does have a purpose.

While it’s no surprise that plastic can be quite slippery when wet, that’s where this design comes in. You won’t ever have To worry about your loved one or the person you’re caring for slipping and falling out of today's. Most so, The texture creates an anti-slip grip so that those who use it won’t have a worry. They’re designed to be easy to clean as They won’t grow soap scum or mildew on them either.

Shower chairs are a great way to securely bathe a loved one with a piece of mind. More so, for those who are capable of Living on their own, they can even bathe themselves without worrying about slipping and falling. Typically, they’re Extremely easy to install and require very little maintenance.

Most chairs even come with handlebars on them that aid a person in sitting, standing, or even getting out of the shower or Bathtub. Some of these newer car models even come with backs for support for them, whereas many of the previous shower Chairs didn’t have such a feature.

For those who may be wheelchair bound and unable to get out without assistance,

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