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Should You Consider Self-Storage for your Christmas Decorations?

Author: Anna Preston
by Anna Preston
Posted: Jan 03, 2017

Christmas, a time of glittering lights and twinkling tinsel, of Christmas trees festooned with beautiful baubles and ornaments, as well as a plethora of all things Christmassy. For those of us that love Christmas, there can never be too many baubles or too many lights. But, all these decorations bring a problem: storage.

Use but once a year

The issue with having a mountain of Christmas decorations is that they are used but once a year, and for a short period of time. Even if you decorate your pad on 1st December and take everything down in time for Epiphany, you are looking at 5 weeks’ tops of enjoying Christmas magic.

It makes sense to use a cheap, self-storage unit to store away your Christmas decorations because it means they are not cluttering up the loft, the shed and/or the garage.


And this brings us to volume. Some people have a box of baubles and a few strings of lights but others of us enjoy being more voluminous in your Christmas decoration habits.

From light-up Santa for the doorstep, to blow up 6-foot snowmen, there are all kinds of Christmas decorations that need storing and, when you have a fair volume of Christmas decs, they will simply be too much for the humble garden shed and garage.


The loft is, of course, the favoured place for stowing Christmas decorations and anything else that we are unsure where else to put.

You may have a great loft, fully kitted out with loft ladder and lighting. Or maybe not. And the annual trudge up the ladder into the loft is the stuff of nightmares. There is nothing worse than balancing on a rickety ladder, trying to juggle boxes of lights and other delicate items to pass down to your Christmas decorating assistant, if you have one.

It’s not safe and neither is it much fun. Now imagine bowling on up to your self-storage unit, grabbing a trolley and getting the stuff you need quickly, easily and no balancing on ladders. The ideal solution for everyone.

Keeps them safe

Some people gather their Christmas decorations over many years. There are sentimental items, like the ‘Baby 1st Christmas’ ornaments you bought for each of your children, or the baubles you have bought in other countries on your travels.

You don’t want them damaging which could happen if you accidentally drop a box from the attic, or pests damage them in your shed, or you find them all dusty and full of mildew after storing in a cold garage.

Self-storage units are free from pests, free from dust, free from mould, the ideal safe storage option.

Use for other things too

Let’s be honest, there are other things too that would be better stored in a self-storage unit other than the loft, the garage, the shed. Like summer garden furniture that won’t be spoilt or damaged over winter, or bikes and so on.

Why would you store your Christmas decorations anywhere else?

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