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Benefits of Buying Rooibos Loose Tea For Skin and Hair

Author: Daniel Davidson
by Daniel Davidson
Posted: Jan 05, 2017
rooibos tea

Rooibos is a legume based herb which is used to make delicious tea. But this herbal tea can even revitalize your hair and health. Unfermented or green rooibos has a mild taste while fermented rooibos has a sweet flavor. But the rooibos tea is a natural product and has no colorants or additives. Without any chemicals, this purely natural beverage is essential for boosting skin and hair health. So choose good rooibos loose tea for best results.

Benefits for the Skin

#1 Wards off Aging

Rooibos loose tea is enriched with an antioxidant called superoxide dismutase. This is an antioxidant which has an anti-aging impact. Present in rooibos, superoxide dismutase cuts down on wrinkles and boosts productivity of healthy skin cells.

#2 Fends off Skin Diseases

The extensively high level of flavonoids in rooibos helps to prevent skin disorders such as acne and eczema. Drink it or apply it to the skin to fend off acne. It also leads to healthy skin. This is because rooibos posses hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties which help in fending off skin troubles. Rooibos tea is also a potent anti allergenic which protects skin from eczemas and rashes. With high levels of vitamins and minerals like vitamin D and zinc, it boosts hair health and gives beautiful skin as well. Remove dead cells and impurities through the healing power of rooibos tea which revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin.

Benefits for the Hair

#1 Boosts Healthy Hair Growth

Constant consumption of rooibos tea can increase and improve hair growth. It is rich in minerals, such as zinc, calcium, potassium and cooper. This promotes hair growth and strengths the follicles and roots. Prevent premature graying of hair which results from increased stress and pollution. Rooibos tea extract is very helpful because it is rich in copper which prevents premature graying of hair.


Not only is rooibos tea good for skin and hair health, it has a lot of antioxidants which boost the immune system and keep the body healthy from within. Walk away from heart attacks, strokes and cancers using excellent rooibos tea. The antioxidants in this tea bind with free radicals and prevent oxidation with cholesterol and clogging of blood vessels. Clogging or blockage of vessels can cause heart attack and stroke. As medical ailments have a terrible impact on hair and skin, it is through roooibos tea that you can access shining and revitalized locks and healthy organs. Rooibos is a tea which is also caffeine free and has no kilojoules. This is perfect for combating stress and hypertension, which also impact skin and hair health. Researchers have found that consuming rooibos tea controls the body's blood pressure levels and prevents stress and hypertension. Combat weight loss and more with rooibos tea that helps to avoid the sugar intake. Move towards a healthier lifestyle and revitalize skin and hair health using rooibos loose tea from reputed retailers

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