5 Software Testing Tips for Quality Assurance in Software

Author: Sameer Tendulkar
by Sameer Tendulkar
Posted: Jan 11, 2017

In this technological era, software is very essential part to make more developments and create user-friendly solutions for the consumers.

It takes a lot of time, investment and labour to design a software or application and it is necessary to test and ensure it works as per the requirements and has no errors. Therefore, software testing is an important task. Only when the software gets passed in the testing phase, it can be launched successfully. Testing is the way of quality assurance for any software.

In a technologically advanced country like ours, i.e. USA, software testing is bound to happen in the most professional and practical way. Looking at the growing market for software development and testing, there have been growing many firms which provide software QA services in USA.

If you are in the field of software testing, following 5 tips can help you in easing your process:

  1. Communicate with developers and within the team: Before beginning the testing process, try to understand the software or application and be aware about its uses and the intended users. This will help you to plan and design the testing process in a smooth manner. Try to share the results of your test with others in the team as it may lead to identification of manual errors, if any.

  2. Complete coverage: Try to cover all the areas of the application, i.e. try to have the full coverage. Access the software from all points of view, i.e. reliability, efficiency, maintainability and portability.

  3. Break into parts: Don’t test your application all in one. Try to break the application into modules and then break these modules into smaller components. Check all the parts individually as it will make the testing process quicker and the results can be obtained faster.

  4. Check for all parameters: Check the application for the uses for which it is made and also for the extra uses that it can encompass. But, the report of relevant uses’ study should be made earlier than the report for the other uses.

Process and solution: Use standard quality tools for your testing process. Try to learn and adopt the latest and advanced tools and methods to conduct your tests. Don’t just state the bugs in the QA report, but try to find out the cause behind the same and come up with the solutions to fix it.

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