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How Android Battery Saver Works

Author: Hlas Scatter
by Hlas Scatter
Posted: Jan 12, 2017
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There are practical ways of saving batteries which include not leaving data on when not in need, turning off any background running apps and minimizing brightness on the phone screen. Do we really have an android battery saver app that actually saves battery? Doesn’t such an app only use the same battery power it’s "saving"? These questions are vital as we look into the whole idea of android battery saving app.

A good android battery saving app ( will be able to control how other apps work and allow you to know when some apps in the background are draining battery power. This article discusses the circumstances under which such an android battery saving app works.

How Android Battery Saving Apps Work

Android battery saving app may still be using the same battery power it is supposed to save for you, but it works by way of monitoring other apps to minimize power wastage. Here’s how.

1. Suspending Other Battery Draining Apps in the Background

A good android battery saving app would aid in suspending the working of apps in the background when they are not needed even without stopping them. This means that it "neutralizes" or suspends them in such a manner that they do not drain power even as they are running.

The result of this is that whenever you need to re-open the apps a lot of battery power will not be drained in the otherwise long process.

2. Offering Power Saving Modes

This means that the app can allow you to adjust into settings that can determine the amount of power you want to save. As such, the app guides you on which apps to disable or enable and when to stop using power draining ones.

An android power saving app also works by tracking battery charge and predicting when you need to recharge.


Despite the availability of a battery saving app, the best way to save battery life is by physically adjusting the phones settings like brightness, getting newest versions of apps, not leaving social media apps running when phone is not in use, among other measures.

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