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Five Reasons You Should Opt eLearning Projects Outsourcing

Author: Thomas Macdonald
by Thomas Macdonald
Posted: Jan 12, 2017

The popularity of eLearning is growing rapidly and we can see several organizations have started preferring eLearning over traditional classroom sessions to train their staff. Though developing eLearning project within the organization is one of the options, it doesn’t seem right for many reasons. Here are a few reasons why eLearning project outsourcing might be a right decision for your organization.

Substantial Cost Advantages

The cost advantage is the primary reason for your organization to consider outsourcing eLearning project. The outsourcing arrangement allows you to reduce fixed costs and reap the strategic advantage of the scalability of eLearning developers. According to a report, you can save 20% to 40% by outsourcing eLearning projects.

Reduced Project Risk

When you outsource your eLearning project, you get an opportunity to define terms and conditions in the RFP. Though it is only one document, it reduces project risks significantly. The development process is managed by eLearning company as per information and guidelines mentioned in the agreement.

The documentation has everything important mentioned clearly such as specification sheets, development plans, test plans, IDD, and storyboards. The agreement also mentions timelines for each development stages with clear mention of deliveries of the prototype, alphas, and betas which ensures project’s success.

Focus on Strategic Goals

The most important benefit of outsourcing is you will always have the time to focus on strategic organizational goals without worrying about eLearning course development. You can focus on changing business landscapes and plan for the future accordingly.

Similarly, you also get more free time to focus on important aspects such as which skills need to be developed to prepare the workforce for changes in future or how you can get those skills? You have to focus on a lot of things to prepare your organization for coming decade. With eLearning projects outsourcing you have time for all important things that only you can take care of.

Better Quality

You can get a better quality eLearning solution provided you selected the right eLearning vendor. You benefit from the continuous improvement as eLearning vendor has a team experienced of handling eLearning projects of diverse clients. Your eLearning project not only gets the best human resources for the job but also get the best technology resources including hardware and software.

The eLearning developer is able to anticipate problems in advance and troubleshoot before they hamper the objectives of eLearning project. This is only possible due to the experience of eLearning vendor and might not be possible when you develop eLearning project in-house.

Easy Scalability

The eLearning vendor has the capability to increase or decrease the team of experts as per project demands. With eLearning projects outsourcing, you get freedom from worries of hiring, training and building infrastructure for eLearning project development.

The eLearning vendor manages everything starting from designing the modules, creating a roadmap for the development of course and training as well. This helps your organizations to plans things faster or even put the project on hold without any additional costs.

Outsourcing is not new for organizations. With competition in business ever increasing, it is necessary the organization focuses on its core functions and leave the responsibility of eLearning project development to the experts.

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Author: Thomas Macdonald

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