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Beat the Heat with Portable Coolers

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Posted: Jan 13, 2017

The cooler is also known as an evaporative cooler, desert cooler or wet air cooler. It is an electronic device that removes the heat of the place by giving cool air through evaporation of water. It reduces the temperature of dry air by liquid water transition and sending cool air. It uses less energy than a light bulb or refrigerator. Portable means the things which we can move from one place to another. They are small in size, compact, less weight and easy to use. They can be kept on the table and is handy. It is of optimum use because of its portable nature. One can carry these portable cooler wherever one goes like offices, homes, friends place etc. It is hot selling product in the market. In hot and humid climate, many people cannot work properly because of heat and soaring temperature.The supremacy of portable coolers

Portable coolers are used extensively in such an environment to get relief from the heat. The body of a portable cooler is mainly of plastic. It is noncorrosive and sleek in design. It is energy saving and consumes very less energy in comparison to air conditioners. It can be repositioned easily because of its light weight. A person can change the direction of placing portable coolers and enjoy air flow as per their comfort.

Portable coolers are efficient in lowering the temperature of indoor spaces up to a substantial extent. It works on electricity and requires water to run. It has inbuilt motor inside the cooler which runs when the cooler is powered and spread air all around. There is one control panel placed on the top or on the side of portable coolers which help us to adjust the speed from low, medium to high and thus one can control the air flow accordingly. It has powerful fans and consumes very less energy. So, it is very economical and used in every household during the summer season.

The Virtue of Cost-effectiveness

It is difficult to install air conditioning in each and every room and expensive also, so, portable coolers come handy for providing cool air at low cost. It can be used in any rooms and is free from the hassle of installation and DE installation.

One can save electricity bill by using portable coolers as half the amount of the bill is covered in air condition bills because of high energy consumption. Thus, it can be concluded that portable coolers are highly applauded for providing cool air during the hot and humid days.

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