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All about Auto Transformers

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Posted: Jan 13, 2017

The autotransformer is an electric-mechanical device which involves only a single winding. It functions both primary as well as secondary sides of the transformer. The auto transformer is also known as an auto step down transformer. It performs the function of either lowering or raising the voltage according to the requirement.

Configuration of these transformers

The auto transformer has two terminals and the voltage runs into these two. It is used in electronic gadgets where a different voltage is required. They use magnetic fields to supply power. Another type of autotransformer which is commonly used to provide current underground is known as zig- zag. This is also known as zero sequence current.

Some important properties and applications of the auto transformers

  • This transformer is also installed in the audio speakers to provide a constant supply of voltage to the amplifier.
  • An autotransformer is used in railways to supply power. The variable AC Transformers are used in electric repair shops, used for testing to correct devices with abnormal line voltage.
  • Automatic voltage regulators are connected to transform the constant supply, the steady voltage to various lines and several load requirements.
  • The trademark is applied on them, which guarantees the quality and reliability of the product.
  • An autotransformer is more efficient and guarantees high performance as compared to normal transformers. It is smaller in size, cheaper, and works at a constant speed.
  • In normal transformers, the voltage supply is fixed but in auto transformer, the voltage can be increased and decreased according to the requirement.
  • These are used in several industries like electrical engineering, power industries, Hi-tech plants, etc.
  • These are widely used in induction motors as well as synchronous motors. Its basic function is power transmission and distribution process.

The entities engaged in offering these devices should take into account the following important aspects in order to attain a commendable position in the market-

  • They should make use of the top-notch grade materials and modern techniques for bringing about a high-quality product.
  • They should be capable of making timely deliveries of their consignments, even if the client places a bulk order.
  • These entities should offer the auto transformer in a firm packaging material, to avoid the chances of damages or mishandling during the transit.
  • They should adhere to the standards and norms laid down by the industry.Thus, we can conclude that these devices play a vital role in providing a trouble-free supply of electricity.

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