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Australian Assignment Writers Prescribe 6 Tips to Students to Improve Their Writing Skills

Author: Sophie Williams
by Sophie Williams
Posted: Jan 13, 2017
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Failing to express ideas in a clear and lucid manner in their essays has always been a major problem for most students. It is one of the principle reasons behind their average to poor grades in their exams as well as assignments. The reason behind this is poor English writing skills. Students can't really be blamed for this as English is difficult to master, with complex rules which can get overwhelming for everyone, especially those who are not native speakers of the language. But they can improve their English writing skills dramatically if they follow these 6 tips that have been advocated by the leading assignment writers of Australia-

1. Read as much as you can

Reading can serve as a starting point for students who want to enhance their writing skills. Reading helps expand vocabulary as it exposes the student to a bunch of new words, whose meanings they have to look up if they want to understand the essence of the sentence that they are reading. Besides, reading also gives one an idea of the logical arrangement of words, and helps him understand the principles of grammar.

Novels can be particularly good for reading, and so are newspapers and magazines. However, those who don't enjoy reading these can instead try out popular sites such as Huffington Post and educate themselves in an entertaining way.

2. Write a little bit everyday

As important as reading is writing, according to assignment experts. To achieve perfection in the art of writing flawless sentences, one must practice writing daily, even if it's as little as just five lines each day. In fact, one should make it a point to write three sentences each day using the new words that one has learned that day. This simple exercise will help students expand their vocabulary and remember the definitions of the new words they've learned. Just ten minutes of writing each day will be enough to help build confidence and improve the quality of a student's write-up.

3. Take regular spelling tests

Spelling mistakes cause students to lose precious marks in their paper. In fact, wrong spellings can even alter the meaning of the sentences altogether and can make it really hard for the reader to understand the meaning of a sentence, so students need to be extra careful. Remembering and using the right spellings is even harder these days as most students are used to typing in text message language and hence, end up making many mistakes. This is where spelling tests can help. One can ask their family or friends to test them on a regular basis.

4. Make it a habit to learn new words each day

For students to express themselves clearly in written language, they need to have a sound vocabulary base. Those who have a good vocabulary are not juts able to recognize the words in a sentence but even know how to use them in the correct manner. An effective way to learn new words is to download dictionary apps. Applications such as the Oxford Dictionary,, etc. have a feature wherein the app prompts every single day and even offers tips on how to use that word in a sentence.

5. Use online grammar checking tools to improve grammar

Grammar has to be improved if one wants to write faultlessly. For this reason, a student must use the right tense and the right punctuation marks at the right places. In fact, the use of appropriate punctuations can make the student’s writing more lucid. Online grammar tools such as Grammarly or Grammar Girl can help students improve their grammar by checking their written copies for them and correctly pointing out their mistakes. They even provide students with the correct suggestions so that they can make the necessary changes before submitting a sloppy homework.

6. Get the work checked by friends or a professional tutor

Getting feedback can not only help students know the mistakes they made but can also provide them with new ideas and angles for their creative projects and assignments. Besides that, feedback can also act as a measure of the quality of their work. However, it is important for the student not to be disheartened by the feedback and give up to go online and search for ‘do my assignment.’ Students should instead take the feedback positively and incorporate it into their writing.

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Noah W Brown is an ex-guest professor of Master of English Studies at The University of Sydney. Noah now provides English assignment help services via since the previous five years.

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