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Things To Know About Log Homes Idaho!

Author: Park Martin
by Park Martin
Posted: Jan 16, 2017

If you are looking for log houses then you realize that there is much more variety in log homes available than you would ever think. The log homes come in all shapes and sizes but even the logs themselves come in as many variations as you can imagine. If you are excited to know about various kinds of log homes then simply make a search on Internet as Log Homes Idaho.

There are two types of log homes: Handcrafted homes and Milled log homes. The handcrafted log home is just that the logs are notched by hand, peeled by hand, and in many cases, one log is scribed to exactly fit on top of another log. In the many handcrafted log homes, the logs are piled alternately, so the large end of a log is piled on top of the narrowed end of the log beneath.

The milled log home will feature logs that are uniform in shape and logs are cut to fit together. There is a large price difference between a handcrafted and a milled log home. Because, many workers required for the construction of a handcrafted log house and the bigger width logs are used. The huge number of houses built today are milled log homes.

When you see the log house with round logs and clinking, that is a first sign that this could be the handcrafted log home. Traditionally, The Chinking was a mortar-like material that filled the log gaps. If the handcrafted log isn’t scribed then chinking is a must as the logs leave gaps along their length. Some people use chinking as a design element even when it is not necessary but the most part of milled log homes Idaho aren’t chinked.

There are many joinery methods in the milled logs and the most popular joinery is Swedish cope. This is required where each log is scooped out to fit tightly on the arc of the log beneath. It gives a very natural and smooth look. Another joinery method is the tongue-and-groove or double tongue-and-groove depending on the manufacturer. The grooves are cut in the bottom of the log and corresponding tongues are cut into the top. These make a tight fit and pile easily.

Another feature of log is its shape or profile which will help you to buy the right package. Many of the people choose a D log, which is flat from inside and round from outside. D log gives you a horizontal wood-paneling look and is easy to hang pictures on it.

Some manufacturers feature a half-log method, where the logs are fixed inside and outside to 2x4 or 2x6 stick frame walls. These techniques are a-bit more costly than full-log, because of the extra cost of the lumber. But they do provide the added ability to vary the interior of your home so that some interior walls could be stone, sheetrock, or tongue-and-groove.

Moreover, for the people, first they will have to find out the skilled contractor who will guide them for what material or log is perfect for their Log homes Idaho.

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