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How to Choose Best Battery Saver?

Author: King Root
by King Root
Posted: Jan 17, 2017
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Smartphones have become part and parcel of everyone’s life. The credit for this goes to the innumerable functionalities a smartphone offers. Some of these functionalities could be online shopping, trading and managing business etc. The smartphone is powered by battery that is lodged inside the smartphone. Present day mobiles’ battery consumption rate is very high considering all the multiple functionalities that it needs support. There are multiple apps in both in Apple iTunes as well as Google Play store claiming to have superior battery saving functionality. But we will try and determine whether these apps really work and if so which one among them is the best battery saver ( app.

Functionalities that require more power:

In order to understand how a battery saver works, we need to know the reason behind the huge demand for power in smartphones. A mobile’s basic functionality which is making and receiving calls tops the list of power consumption of battery. The rate of consumption depends upon the whether the phone is in a low signal area or high signal area etc. Apart from this, display of the phone, data services and GPS etc. are the most common battery drainers in smartphone. All these add up to the huge demand for power in smartphones. Apps claiming to be best battery savers, work by managing these functionalities that are power hungry.

How battery savers work and which is the best among the lot?

Battery savers mainly function by identifying the apps that top the battery consumption list. They offer a list to user of all the apps that are on the higher side of power consumption along with the percentage of power consumed since the time of last charging. The user, based on the importance of the app has the option to either kill’ the app or let it run. This is the most common way of approach of battery saver apps.

Purify app:

Even though the Purify app addresses the battery drain issue by way of killing the power consuming apps, it has much additional information that is not available within the apps of same category. Not to mention, the extra functionalities such as Intelligent Nigh Cleaning’ that cleans the junks files at night that are part of the app. The app also provides information related to the amount of extended time it gave by way of killing apps which is very helpful particularly when you are travelling. It goes without saying, the app also comes with a white list option where user can add essential apps that shouldn’t be killed.


The purify app with it’s simple to use interface yet loaded with required additional functionalities is the best battery saver app that is worth trying by every smartphone user.

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