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Ways to Getting More Out of Your Lifting Equipment and Accessories

Author: Asmita Lokhande
by Asmita Lokhande
Posted: Jan 23, 2017

Lifting equipment in UAE

Lifting equipment in UAE can be operated to perform lifting tasks either manually or using computer generated lifting tools. Lifting operation requires a set of lifting equipment and other accessories associated with them.

All the accessories and equipment function coherently to perform the task at hand. The functions usually carried out through these devices are manual lifting, putting down of loads, carrying, moving and transporting heavy duty materials from one place to another. The load can be any kind of material or people that needs to be lifted or lowered by the lifting equipment.

Risks associated with lifting devices?

There is a wide range of lifting equipment in UAE that is manufactured, supplied and distributed by various enterprises. A set of lifting materials includes main equipment, accessories, attachments, and fixing or supporting products to support anchoring. If not used carefully both the manual and mechanical lifting operation equipment can put the construction material and workers at great risk of health. Uncertified products and the inexperienced inspector can cause a great risk of injury causing disability and property loss.

There are several hazards associated with the use of lifting equipment. For example, hazards from collapsing structures, moving vehicles and falling from lifting platforms. Very often there is crushing due to the impact of the objects falling from the vehicles. This happens because the load is not anchored properly or the sling used for lifting or transporting is not of the right type.

At times environmental conditions may also interfere and make the situation adverse for workers. This reduces the concentration required for the completion of the task. Elevated temperatures, climatic fluctuations, and other environmental conditions can make the worker sweaty or make the surface slippery.

How to ensure safety and longevity of lifting equipment?

Know some ways to ensure occupational safety and, thelongevity of product and to make the most of your lifting equipment.

  1. Always use certified and well-inspected lifting equipment. This is the most important instruction and regulation that need to be followed. Lifting equipment should be tested from time to time, and a written record should be maintained for all the examinations done. An inspection routine checks for all possible errors in the machine and ensures that only safe materials are certified for the lifting purposes.
  2. Ensure that the person concerned with lifting operation task has thorough knowledge about the machine, and he knows how to handle it. Only a competent person should be allowed to do the task. The operator should have the ability to handle the situation in case of any accident or error occurring at the operation site.
  3. Proper maintenance of all types of lifting equipment should be done. The owner should always store them in the appropriate condition. Never place them in adverse climatic conditions and keep them away from moisture and water.
  4. Always evaluate the risk factor associated with theuse of each lifting device. Develop a plan of action for all possible issue and take all the protective and preventive measures.

Improper maintenance and carefree handling of lifting equipment call for great risk of health issue and property damage. This is the reason why we need to ensure that all the lifting equipment that is subjected to go under lifting operation is safe to use.

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