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Catalytic Converters – Selling It Off and Recycling in The Proper Way

Author: Global Refining Group
by Global Refining Group
Posted: Jan 21, 2017
catalytic converter

The increasing number of cars on road is also leading to an increase in the pollution levels of the environment. Pollution can create big problems and can even be life threatening. To solve this problem, researchers have been continuously working on products that can help curb the problem of emission of pollutants from motor vehicles. Catalytic Converter is the most successful emission control device used in automobile. It converts harmful pollutants created by the combustion of fossil fuels in the internal combustion engine to less harmful products before they leave the vehicle’s exhaust system.

Catalytic converter recycling

At the time when the car is no longer rendered useable according to the acceptable standards, they are sent to the scrapyards to be scrapped. The metal panels, rubber and other useful products are dismantled to be recycled and the remaining parts are scrapped. Catalytic converters can also be recycled. The catalytic converters are fixed to the underbody of the vehicles. Removing them is extremely easy as most of the times, they are just bolted on to the underbody.

Catalytic converters are mostly recycled to extract the precious metals present inside it, platinum being the most prominent one. Recycling process mostly consists of removing the pieces of catalyst from the catalytic converter and extracting the coating of platinum over the pieces of catalysts. Once the catalyst pieces are out of the catalytic converter, then the platinum coating can be peeled off the pieces by simply using one’s hands. It comes off as small flakes.

Where to sell catalytic converters?

This is the dilemma which most of the automobile owners face when they are thinking about scrapping their vehicle. Most of the owners, who do no understand the importance of catalytic converter recycling, simply drop-off their vehicle at the scrap yard or give it away to the neighborhood scrap dealer. But the informed ones look for the best place to sell off their catalytic converter as it is good for the environment and can also give them sum bucks.

The best way to sell off or dispose a catalytic converter is to find a good scrapyard which will be interested in purchasing the catalytic converter or the vehicle as a whole. In most of the cases you may also get paid for it. Other ways to dispose it off is to find a scrap dealer who deals in catalytic converters and sell it off to him at a price acceptable to both the parties.

Catalytic converter prices

When you sell off the car as a whole for scrapping, then you do not have an option to negotiate for the price of the catalytic converter. But you do have an option to remove it from the vehicle and sell off the catalytic converter at a good price. To get the best price, you need to make sure that it is removed off the vehicle properly and you have all the parts with you. The prices will then be based of the trading price of platinum, palladium and rhodium on the particular day. The price of hollow of the catalytic converter will be estimated on the basis of steel prices. Overall, an average sized catalytic converter can fetch you anything between $125 to $150 for a piece.

About The Author

Benjamin Harvey is a mechanical engineer specializing in automobiles, and is closely associated with working and researching on catalytic converters. He is of the opinion that is the best destination to sell catalytic converters.

About the Author

Benjamin Harvey is a mechanical engineer specializing in automobiles, and is closely associated with working and researching on catalytic converters.

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