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3 Best Outdoor Training Exercise To Burn Fat Quickly

Author: Mandlyn Duncan
by Mandlyn Duncan
Posted: Jan 21, 2017
push ups

Are you tired of only running you everyday circuit? Tired of always doing the same exercises in the gym?

Here I got something for you. This is a workout I love to do, especially on a nice sunny day. This is a good training for your overall body physique. It combines running and body weight exercise for the whole body.

So besides running you will do a lot of push ups, different pull ups, chin ups and squats. It would be great if you have a not to steep hill and a playground near to your home.

After this workout you will not only burn a lot of calories and gain strength, but you will also feel great, you will fell as a champion.

#1. Running

First part of the training is running. Run for half an hour to warm up, after this do some stretching exercises. You should give your whole body a good stretch, so there won't be any unnecessary injuries.

After the stretch you will do a fifteen minute long HIT workout. HIT means high intensity training. If you have a hill nearby do the following training on the hill. I prefer doing it on a not to step hill, because I can get the most out of it. If not, than you will have to sprint.

Here it is important that you have a watch with stopwatch. First sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds, than rest for a minute, while running slow, you should not hold still always move. Repeat this for 10 times. This is together 5 minutes of sprinting and 10 minutes of slow running. After the last repetition run slow for 15 minutes.

Try to plan this last 15 minute run so that your goal is a playground or a park with different object where you will be able to do pull ups.

#2. Upper Body Training

So now you have already arrived in the park. Take a quick pause to stretch again. First you will be doing push ups. You will do push ups with a hand stand wider than your shoulder, shoulder weight hand stand and a very narrow hand stand. This part of training is great for your triceps, shoulders and chest. You will do 12 sets of 25 repetitions. Do 4 sets of each variation of push ups. This is together 300 reps. Do the push ups slow and with good form.

After you are done with push ups, you will do, like I like to say, "Reversed pyramid training". Find an object where you will be able to hang from. You will do fifteen different sets. First set will have 15 reps the next set will have 14, than 13 and so on until you do 1 rep for the last set. Do different versions of pull-ups, chin ups, vary your grip width and so on. Make it interesting for yourself.

This training is great for your back, shoulders, biceps and triceps. It actually affects your whole upper body. Again do all reps with proper form and don't cheat.

#3. Legs And Abs

The last part of training will consist of training your abdominals and legs. First you will do 3 sets of squats. Each set should consist of 50 repetitions.

Squats work great for your quadriceps and calves. If this is too easy for your find a log or something you can put on your back, a backpack full of stones does a good job also, to add some weight and make the squats harder.

The last are your abs. Just lie down on the grass and do different exercises. Do at least five different exercises, do so many reps that you feel a good burn in your abdominals. You can even do different abs exercises by hanging on the pull up bar and raising your legs for example. On the end do a long stretching for the whole body.

Wrapping Up

So this was my favorite training I do almost every morning in the summer time. This training is especially great for fat loss and overall physique, but you will also get stronger.

Don't let it be boring. I advise you to vary with exercises, you can also include some of your own exercises, you can change the order of exercises, but I advise you to start with running, as opposed to training in the gym, where you always do cardio last.

Try to always make it interesting, think of it as a game. For example look for a log, which is not too heavy. With the log you can do different exercises like biceps curls, triceps extensions, chest presses or even deadlifts. This will surely bring some freshness to this workout.

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