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Why Pilates Training Should Be Your New Year's Resolution Read more: Why Pilates Training Should Be

Author: Nathan Aron
by Nathan Aron
Posted: Jan 23, 2017
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New year’s resolutions are notoriously difficult to stick to.

Because the calendar year has changed for most of the world, we believe that the new year means a ‘new me’. But usually, it’s not a ‘new’ you.

January leaves us scrambling from the mayhem of summer holidays, and by February or March it’s too late - the spell has worn off and we can see that it’s still just us, only now we have a pile of battered hopes to restore.

The New Year’s Resolutions usually include large sweeping statements required for a lifestyle overhaul; lose weight, get stronger, be happier, save money. The pressure of these, and the impending guilt of broken ones, is enough to put you off creating them in the first place.

But, there’s a reason we keep making them. Because we want better for ourselves. We know we deserve to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled, and we want this year to be the year that we reach our goals. And here at Kaya, we have the answer that will make you finally feel like you can throw out your list of resolutions and achieve something tangible.

Pilates Instructor Training In Melbourne:

Kaya Pilates teacher training is the perfect way to bring all of your goals into one place. Kaya works with Elixr School Of Pilates to connect students with the best Pilates teacher training courses, making it the perfect goal for 2017.

For goals such as losing weight or gaining strength, motivation can be a key factor. The alarm goes off but the snooze button is calling, and once you’ve missed two days or indulged in a decadent dessert the gym can start to loom. Pilates teacher training is an excellent way to commit to your personal health and wellbeing, as you’ll be regularly learning more about your Pilates practice and how to improve. This integrates your personal fitness into your lifestyle, and makes it easy to kickstart new habits.

Your body composition isn’t the only part of your wellbeing you may be considering recharging - if you want to make 2017 the year you bring more happiness and wholeness into your life, immersing yourself in the world of Pilates will keep your thoughts clear and bright. With the sense of achievement every time you learn something new, and a renewed focus of your holistic well-being to guide you, you’ll find yourself moving gracefully and speaking kindly as you draw out your deepest self.

Saving money is on most of our minds all of the time - for better or worse, it’s the world we live in. But don’t get stuck in the mental rut that your current line of work is the only career move for you. Pilates teacher training sets you up as a Pilates instructor, where you can pass on your new-found enthusiasm and knowledge to your excited students - and make a living off it! Pilates teaching is also a great way to continue your beautiful Pilates habit as a supplement to your current income, and you can use this time to encourage others along their journey with inspiration and advice.

Simply enquire at reception to learn more about our 2017 intakes, or read more on our website about the courses.

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Nathan Aron is a fitness trainer, who writes for many online journals and portals that are related to fitness classes.

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Author: Nathan Aron

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