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Useful Information to know before Dealing with the Ducted Split Air Conditioners

Author: Asmita Lokhande
by Asmita Lokhande
Posted: Jan 23, 2017

Air conditioners with the above refrigerants and hermetic scroll compressors are known for their environment-friendly characteristics as well. It is always suggested to look for the ESMA approved series products for ultimate quality assurance.

You can have a product of your desired capacity range:

Ducted split air conditioner requirement is not limited to the large commercial units or industries in modern times. These can be availed in huge capacity range through leading suppliers. In fact, a leading ducted split air conditioner supplier in Saudi Arabia is capable of providing products of capacity range in between 5kW to 17.5 kW. In short, there is always a product available for each user, starting from a residential unit to an industrial or commercial group.

To feel safe from Ozone effects:

An upgraded model of the ducted split air conditioner in modern times can assure you about ultimate health safety. You can always feel safe from the effects of Ozone through these devices. Especially, the ducted split unit with refrigerants R410a and R407c are always safe from Ozone effects.

For the most energy-efficient models:

Any device, not only the air conditioners, is desired to be absolutely energy efficient in modern times. Ducted split air conditioners with quiet and energy efficient hermetic scroll compressor are the best devices that meet such requirements. These are extremely energy efficient, hence are widely used by the manufacturers. To ensure the ultimate safety of the equipment, modern ducted split air conditioners with metal fan shrouds and coil guards are highly favored by the suppliers. One doesn’t even need to worry about device safety due to changing operating conditions. Modern ducted split air conditioner units are provided with high-pressure safety cut off, along with manual reset to ensure that the product doesn’t get affected.

Testing standards to be checked:

Any equipment is passed for final delivery, only when it passes through the tests successfully. Manufacturers strictly put these products to be tested in accordance with AHRI 340/360 2007 standard for ensuring the ultimate quality. In addition, devices like electronic thermostats are provided for ultimate performance.

For Ducted split air conditioner of higher capacity:

Everyone knows that the contemporary ducted split air conditioners in recent times are the most advanced ones. These are made to meet the extreme conditions. In fact, the high-end ducted split air conditioners (mostly used at the large commercial sectors) are explicitly designed for ambient temperatures of up to 52 degrees. It means irrespective of the environment or temperature condition of the region you stay; the modern ducted split air conditioners can meet the challenge. Such higher capacity devices are provided with superior HP and LP controls to make things user-friendly. The best recommendation would be to go with the crank case heaters for the best results for these higher capacity models.

Electricity supply is not an issue:

Days are gone when one was needed to check its electricity supplies. Modern day manufacturers are developing ducted split air conditioner for different electricity supplies. Thus, there is always an option for ducted split air conditioner irrespective of his/her electricity supply constraints. This has especially encouraged the ducted split air conditioner requirement for the residential purposes as well as the small business groups.

Finally, it’s certainly exciting for the small business groups, large commercial groups, industries, and the common residential groups that their ducted split air conditioner requirement can be fulfilled these days with a great variety. These are way lot reliable and energy efficient as well. Powered by the high-end compressor technology, and having the ability to meet the extreme conditions, these equipment deliver full value for their money in modern times.

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