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Oral Surgery Performed By A Maxillo-facial Surgeon

Author: Hamilton Hill
by Hamilton Hill
Posted: Jan 24, 2017

Not everyone is born with a good face but thanks to the technological advancements in the cosmetic surgery procedures, those who are born with bad looks or have lost their beauty in an accident, can now change their appearance and look beautiful. An oral surgery in particular is performed to transform an ugly face to a charming one and bring back a beautiful smile on it.

People who have decayed teeth need to undergo a dental surgery procedure. Besides the decay in the teeth, there are a few other medical conditions such as facial injuries, infections and sleep apnea that can only be cured by an oral surgery.

Unlike older days when surgeons didn’t have much freedom and facilities while doing a surgery, oral surgery procedures today have become so simple and painless that a patient doesn’t have to fear or worry at all. You won’t feel much pain by the time the job is over. The world’s top Maxillo-facial surgeons are in high demand today. If you are looking for a good and reputable Maxillo-facial surgeon in Pretoria or would ever need one, remember to consider Dr. C.F. Hoogendijk at The Face. He is a specialist Maxillo-facial and oral surgeon in South Africa with year of experience and a huge success rate under his belt.

Coming back to our topic let’s talk a bit more about the most common types of oral surgery procedures available today.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth on both sides of each of your jaws. When your wisdom teeth are developed, you feel a lot of pain which is quite common. However, there are a number of other issues associated to your wisdom teeth including impacted teeth when the teeth fail to completely emerge from the gum line and become trapped between the gum tissues and jawbone. So, top Maxillo-facial surgeons prefer removing the wisdom teeth, or it will affect the surrounding teeth, associated gum or maybe the bone.

Dentures or Dental Implants

This type of dental surgery is performed to replace missing teeth. These are artificial teeth implanted into the jawbone that fuse with the gum tissue and bone in some time.

Jaw Surgery

In some cases when there is misalignment in the jaws, it gives you pain and ugly appearance. Jaw surgery is performed to fix this issue.

Reconstructive Surgery

When a patient suffers from issues with their jaw joints or have decayed jawbone and gum, a reconstructive surgery can correct those issues. It can also fix facial injuries that can be a challenge for many.

It’s worthwhile to go for a highly experienced Maxillo-facial surgeon in Pretoria when you are planning for an oral surgery in Pretoria, South Africa. You cannot expect the best results from just any dentist, but the best. You would spend a good amount of money in the oral surgery procedure so to make the most of it go to the best surgeon who would guide you through the entire procedure starting with a detailed treatment plan.

Hamilton Hill writes quality articles about Top Maxillo-facial surgeons and Maxillo-facial surgeon in Pretoria.

About the Author

Dr. Hoogendijk is a joint replacement and facial reconstruction surgeon in Johannesburg. He completed his medical degree back in 1999 at the University of Pretoria.

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