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Author: Anie Thomas
by Anie Thomas
Posted: Feb 02, 2017

The CCNA test is a stepping stone to building a successful career in the field of IT networking. CCNA certification is a valid proof for your proficiency in network technologies. You need to be aware of the new developments in the technology to be successful in a CCNA test. The Cisco CCNA exam incorporates a number of topics from broad areas such as TCP/IP studies and various routing protocols. While preparing the main focus must be on ICDN.

A theoretical knowledge of the subjects will not be sufficient to get good scores in a CCNA exam. Your practical knowledge in the field will be a great advantage when appearing the exam. Theoretical knowledge is definitely required, but you should also know how to apply this knowledge in real-life situations to solve networking issues. CCNA exam has about 50 to 60 questions. You will be given around 90 minutes to answer these questions.

While you may be very knowledgeable in the field, it requires some skill to remember the necessary facts at the right moment and form your answers to suit the questions. One of the things you can do to make this easier is to practise doing the exams. You can find free practice tests online. Use these to practise your exam skills so that you will not struggle to perform well under exam conditions. Make sure you do not cheat in any way. Answer the questions without help and stick to the time limit. It is important that you copy the exam conditions when you practise for the exam.

Exams will present problems to which you will need to find solutions. Patience and strategic thinking is very important. Take care of your physical conditions to enable yourself to think clearly. For instance, it is not a good idea to stay up late the night before the exam. Do not skip meals on the day of the exam. Practise thinking in the application level. You can have all the knowledge required to solve a problem and fail to do it if you are not thinking the right way. This is why it is important to practise over and over again.

Think about all the benefits you will obtain from a CCNA certificate to help you focus on the exam. Cut down on entertainments and time spent socialising for the period of preparation. Keep a realistic deadline to qualify the exam, and once you decide it work hard to pass the exam at the planned time itself. There are plenty of study guides and e-books available to prepare for the CCNA exams. However, it is best to use the books published by Cisco as your primary material for study. You may use other materials to compliment your study. Cisco has also published a day-by-day review guide called 31 Days Before Your CCNA Exam. This can be quite useful during your exam preparation.

You can download many Cisco CCNA network simulators. These will help you gain hands-on practice in configuring and troubleshooting without having to spend a fortune. Many of the network simulators available online are completely free of cost. Registering as a member of Cisco Certification Forum will give you the chance to discuss matters of concern and interest with fellow aspirers. You will learn a number of new tips and information through conversing with other people from your field.

Think about your preparation for CCNA exam as a great chance to prepare to do the brilliant job that you are about to get with the CCNA certification. At your new job, you will be expected to be an expert and you can set aside the months before the exam to be the expert that your employers expect you to be.

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