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Understanding Dentures And Why They Are Recommended

Author: Indyfamily Dentist
by Indyfamily Dentist
Posted: Jan 31, 2017

When a person thinks about a visit to the dentist, the most common dread and fear that comes into their mind are painful root canals and braces. Dentures happen to be the second most dreaded treatment in people’s thoughts. First of all, if a person is feeling the need for dentures, then chances are they have already lost a tooth or worse, a bunch of teeth from their oral structure. No matter at what age, this tends to be a scary and often painful experience. But before you let this dread make a permanent home in your heart, take a moment and read this article. You will eventually find out that Indianapolis dentures aren’t as scary as you are thinking them to be.

Indianapolis dentures - then and now

Gone are the days when dentures were considered to be a solution for people who had either lost their teeth or were incapable of taking care of them properly. Gone are the days when dentures used to be rough, ill-fitting, uncomfortable to wear and detrimental to the patient’s appearance. Gone are the days when taking care of dentures used to be a time consuming, daunting and often revolting task. Today, Indianapolis dentures are no longer the ugly contraptions they once used to be.Now, dentures are pretty much indistinguishable from natural teeth and will now cause any discomfort to the wearer either. They will become a part of your personality and will be virtually indistinguishable. So any doubts or apprehensions you are harboring in your minds about dentures being bad or painful should be chucked out right now.

Indianapolis dentures - why and how

Now that we have established that there is nothing to worry about if you have to wear dentures, let us examine why exactly you would need them. Following are the situations where you can be recommended to get dentures from your local medical practitioner:

  • Oldage

This will definitely top the list when we talk about denture recommendations.Years of wear and tear may have caused your natural teeth to deteriorate. Replacing them with dentures can be a way to alleviate pain, eradicate persistent root infections, and just generally live an easier life as far as dental health goes.

  • Multiple missing teeth

If you have a lot of missing teeth then your doctor might just recommend you to get a set of dentures for yourself.It will save you from a lot of inconvenience and it is an economic viable option as compared to other surgeries.

  • Wide gaps

Where there are wide gaps of three or more missing teeth, there is not enough of an anchor to be able to replace them with crowns or fillings. So, getting dentures is usually the only viable option. The choice of full or partial dentures will depend entirely on how many teeth are missing and where the gaps are located in your mouth.

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