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5 Pro Tips To Elevate Your Fitness

Author: Sameer Tendulkar
by Sameer Tendulkar
Posted: Jan 31, 2017
weight training

1. Add Compound Moves

Bigger the muscles, bigger the calorie burn! This is the basic fundamental behind adding compound movement in exercise schedule, Compound(multiple muscle groups and joints) exercise like Deadlifts, Squats is just not about fat loss but also taking your fitness to next level. People often think that fitness is just about doing same old Dumbbell Biceps isolation exercise. Compound exercise also gives cardiovascular benefit to certain extent as it elevates heart rate. It is the best way to burn calories when you are running out of time.

2. Change the Sequence

Next important aspect is changing the old schedule after every 30 days, if you have personal trainer in Mumbai then you can discuss and change the sequence the workout. Example you can start cardio before weight training than, do other way round. Start your exercise with weight training then cardio later. This would also give you benefit of burning more fat, when your blood glucose is down because of weight training.

3.Swim before exercise

This is out of track idea but it works majorly on stubborn fat on which you always struggle to get off, but it works like anything, as swimming lowers your glucose reservoir and then next body fuel is available. So start your exercise with 30 mins of swimming and then start exercise to burn those fat.

4. Try pre workout in between exercise

As the name suggest most of the people try pre-workout before exercise, but let me tell you with my 15 yrs of experience in Mumbai as a personal trainer. When you start a pre exercise after meal, it is enough to pull you on for next 30 mins, so I would suggest to try taking pre workout after 20-30 mins of starting exercise.

5. Other cosmetic aids

Always try to make exercise interesting which may include new playlists, new clothes, new gym bags, new exercise partner. We are humans! we may get bored with same thing again and again! So Go and talk to new friend in gym encourage him, listen to his previous experience about gym. Yes this works with all. It is very important aspect which we often overlook even we are regular gym freaks. I always change exercise partner that helps me to learn new Fitness Tips. Music is the biggest motivation to go for one more repetition I keep hunting for new tracks for next exercise. I also recommend to keep different playlist for cardio, yoga and weights.

I am Mayur Deshpande, a Certified "Lifestyle and weight management consultant" from (ACE)AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EXERCISE. I have started of Fitnesssmith, an Organization which helps to transform fitness in you at its best!

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