How To Judge A Family Immigration Lawyer Better?

Author: Alexis Watson
by Alexis Watson
Posted: Jan 31, 2017

Getting an immigration cleared for United Status is actually not an easy task. You always needed a proper legal advice to do it properly. A family immigration lawyer is probably required when you want to get members of family dependent on you immigrated to US. The approach towards getting one varies from situation to situation. The type of visa you have would define the type of visa your family members would qualify for. Because of this specific reason and scenario which vary accordingly to visa type an effective legal advice is always required from a good family immigration lawyer.

Suppose if you have already qualified for L category visa because your employer wanted your transfer to their US office. You can always apply for visa for your family during the process. You family immigration lawyer can coordinate with your employment visa lawyer to take the process forward.

The case can be different if you fall under the category of Immigrant investor. Though the EB-5 Immigrant investor visa program has its own set of guidelines for immigration of the family members of the investor but the process is quite different for this category of visa. Based on the scenario a family visa can lead to a permanent citizenship or can just define the rules of a temporary stay during your period of employment in the United States.

Based upon your situation you need a different set of advice. immigration lawyer new York should be competent enough to understand your requirement and help you through process from time to time. Few things to look into your family immigration lawyer are:

  1. Should be able to give you a more personalized service from time to time. Every person looking for immigration have their own set of requirement so more custom process need to be followed for each specific. The family immigration lawyer should be very keen on addressing each issue.
  2. The family immigration lawyer should have past record of handling family immigration cases for different scenarios.
  3. The reviews of the immigration lawyer from his/her old customers should be good.

The selection of the Family Immigration lawyer should be done based upon the factors mentioned above. The good family immigration lawyer should be able to cater to your needs from time to time and should be reply to your queries whenever you require one. The lawyer should be open to communication and the process of his/her service should be quite transparent.

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