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Group Envrionments

Author: Susanna Li
by Susanna Li
Posted: Feb 04, 2017
its like

Power Hierachy

dunno about this one tbh, irl power hierachy is based on relations, manipulation, avoiding the goverment and lying to people, your either born a sociopath and able to scueed in the economic world, or your born rich and get richer ingame is more about whos luckier and or actually put the effort in to be the best i will also add as a subnote, mental detachment and anonymity plays a massive part in peoples online interactions, i can dare say if people knew they couldnt be identified and nobody knew who they were theyd just go steal a car they liked....

Group Envrionments

irl groups are worse imo, it depends how you look at it though, when i look at an irl group, i see a bunch of probably judgemental people whove already identified there scenario with limited mental capability to accept 'different' types of people to themselves, irl groups are also more abusive, its a lot more dangerous and annoying to be griefed irl then it is online, its not like i can ignore list somebody or avoid a pvp zone to stop a sociopath and his slavefriends irl from getting a gun and shooting me or killing my family, or even just ruining you know, my entire life online groups are more approachable, if someones rude its not like they are going to shiv me irl cause again, anonymity


id actually say fairness onlien is due to anonymity, theres no way for religious racist homophobes to define weather someone is black gay or atheist online unelss they said so making the envrionment godlikes nicer, why? lack of religion, lack of politics, lack of ethnic or cultural backgrounds, aka how irl should be

1v1 convos

anonymity, i can talk to somebody about how terrible rl is on rs without them knowing who i am or effecting my life, if i talk to somebody irl about it its worse because then it can instantly impact my life and either get me killed or completely ostracized from relationships because of how judgemental people are irl over things that are completely irrelevant to what defines a person

Worldly view

personally i can say that i found australians to be incredibly racist dirt bags who hated everything and talked crud about sections of people that i like and or get along with, i can say this online without fear of getting my head beaten in by said people while they are being abusive alcoholics, and this is one of the small reasons why i left the country, and RS Gold, this is personal opinion and my experience, everyone is different, but this is just how things are and yes, i absolutely love the worldy feeling of online, irl can be incredibly limiting and judgemental which is something i personally dont like

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Author: Susanna Li

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