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Finding An Auckland Dentist - The Tooth, The Whole Tooth

Author: Dental Studio
by Dental Studio
Posted: Feb 07, 2017

You moved from "Waikikamukau City" to Stanmore Bay to become a professional surfer. You hung nine, wiped out and knocked out a tooth. You need a dentist, but you’re new and can’t even find The Sky Tower let alone a good dentist.

No worries, although finding an Auckland dentist involves swimming through some shark infested information (just kidding), we’ll guide you through safely to find a great, reasonably priced and highly qualified dentist, whether you’re new in town, just changed dentists, surfer or busy mum.

Finding an Auckland Dentist. Evaluating Personality Traits.

The American Dental Education Association lists the following as personality traits of successful dentists.

  1. Comfortable with close patient interaction
  2. Easy to talk to
  3. Trustworthy
  4. Detail-oriented
  5. Artistic
  6. A leader
  7. Excited about their profession
  8. Compassionate about care to those in need
  9. Concerned about patient feelings during treatment
  10. Good communicator

What Am I Looking for In a Dental Practice Overall?

You found the perfect dentist! But what kind of practice is it? Great dental practices have these qualities.

  • Emergency services are readily available.
  • Prevention services are emphasized.
  • Various anesthesia is available.
  • Convenient office hours.
  • Easy to get to from home or work.
  • Qualified dental education and licensing.
  • Staff attends continuing education.
  • Fees/payment plans, estimates are provided prior to treatment.
  • Fees are within a reasonable average.
  • Missed appointment policy is clear.
  • Office handles dental cover you may have.
  • Office has the latest technology and dental equipment.

Going on the Hunt

Now that you know what you’re looking for, let’s look at some "how to" steps.

Check with the NZ Dental Council.

Ask family, neighbors, friends, fellow workers.

Ask your last dentist, doctor or pharmacist.

Phone some likely practices and ask questions brought up by this article.

Next, visit the most likely dental office prospects from your investigations, phone calls and information from this article.

Test It Out

  • Once you’ve decided, go to your initial appointment and be your own detective.
  • Did the dentist check your teeth for decay, condition of your current dental work?
  • Did they check your mouth for gum disease using a measuring instrument (periodontal probe)?
  • Was the office clean, organized and were infection control measures used?
  • Were you checked for oral cancer?
  • X-rays?
  • Treatment plan made and explained.
  • Insurance or payment plan discussed?
  • Modern equipment

Now, remember our poor surfer? He read "Finding an Auckland Dentist" and headed for Stanmore Bay Dental Studio in Whangparaoa. He learned they have excellent competitive low price quality dental implants and other affiliated dental practice options at Red Beach, Orewa, Silverdale, Manly, Gulf Harbour and Army Bay. Come test our dental waters!

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