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Automation Testing – For parallel and Batch execution

Author: Info Campus
by Info Campus
Posted: Feb 08, 2017

Automation testing is the process of testing the application with the help of tools. In present time so many tools are available like QTP, SELENIUM, WINDMILL and FTP. But most usable tools are QTP(Quick Test Professional)and SELENIUM, QTP is licensed tool where as selenium is free ware open source tool that support multiple languages like Java,.Net, Python, Ruby etc.

The need of the automation testing is to reduce the human efforts because while writing the scripts automation test engineer can executes the same scripts multiple times, whenever the new releases comes and bugs are fixed we go for the automation testing, second advantage is that through automation testing you can achieve maximum test coverage and increases the speed of execution. Through automation testing batch execution (parallel execution) is possible i.e. you can execute the multiple test scripts simultaneously.

Whenever the new release comes that mean some new features with existing features, that time automation testing comes in picture, means automation test engineer convert the old features test cases into test scripts. And when new features are stable manually then they execute the test scripts on the new build to ensure that new features are not breaking the old features.

The process of the automation testing is that once requirement comes for new release firstly team (Customer, business analyst, developer and test engineer) involve in impact analysis.Once impact analysis done then developers busy in writing code, manual test engineers busy in writing test cases of new features and that time automation test engineers busy in converting test cases into test scripts (using any tool like selenium).Once all scripts are written then they check locally, if they are locally passed then these scripts go for review process. After review is done then scripts are stored in final repository whenever they required they access the test scripts from the repository and perform execution.

The main intention of the automation is time saving because after writing scripts you can execute the same scripts multiple times in multiple releases.

The scope of the automation scripts is the area of your Application under Test which will be automated. We consider Feature that are important for the business, Scenarios which have large amount of data, Common functionalities across applications, Technical feasibility, Extent to which business components are reused, Complexity of test cases, Ability to use the same test cases for cross browser testing.

Most important thing is that we can’t convert all the test cases to test scripts for example if any test case is having minor bug, or test case is to lengthy, or taking too much time to write the scripts in comparison to execution of manual then never go for automation testing.

Automation testing depends upon the automation framework. Framework is nothing but set of rules that everyone should follow to achieve certain things. In automation there are three types of framework Data Driven Framework, Keyword Driven Framework, Hybrid Framework. In data driven framework test engineer uses some external source for accessing data like Excel; in it test data is not hard coded. In Keyword driven framework test engineer uses some external source for writing code and access these external source. Hybrid framework is the combination of data driven framework and keyword driven framework, for achieve the feature of data driven framework in hybrid framework testing is uses.

While writing scripts test engineer access the framework in which functionality of each screen is already defined.

Hence finally we can say that automation reduces the human efforts and provide functionality for the parallel execution.

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