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An Introduction To South Indian Wedding Invitations & Its Aspects

Author: Vimal Sharma
by Vimal Sharma
Posted: Oct 15, 2018

Indian weddings to the world are always known for its grandness and its many day’s spans for the wedding ceremony. In various cultures aspects, the term "wedding" or "marriage" is coined into ‘a heavenly bond is being granted between two loved ones.’ But, in reality, keeping beside the "heavens" and other mythical places, a marriage ceremony is a process which helps in the unification of two people into a bond. These weddings are bound with various customs and other traditional aspects, which involves the exchanges of many marriage vows by the couples and other things.

India is the world’s most cultural diversified country, which deals with more than hundreds of traditional and cultural aspects in a marriage ceremony. There are many countries in the world, which have only one type of marriage ceremony and there is India, not even a village has one type of marriage ceremony. In India, South Indian marriage ceremonies have more and more traditional aspects than its other counterpart regions, like the north or the east.

South Indian weddings are very significant with their traditions and cultural aspects, and one wedding ceremony can last up to 5 days or more. But, in ancient times, this was even longer, in fact, according to Tamil traditions their marriage ceremony could last up to 16 days to be exact. A marriage in the southern region of this country has always known for its lavishness, vibrant, and enjoyable atmosphere. Thus, most of South Indian wedding invitations styles are very cool to get offered from, and some of the examples are explained in the following the article.

Several Characteristics of South Indian Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitation cards issued in this part of the country has many aspects, and it covers many kinds of designs and wordings are included. A perfect South Indian wedding invitations card has much suitable significance to look for. So there are some characteristics to look for in South

Indian marriage invitations that are listed below:

  • One of the most important things is about the various printable symbols on a particular invitation card, like a design of "Lord Balaji" placed outside or inside of a card.
  • The color is one of the crucial facts in South Indian cards, where they instead go for few colors rather going with multiple colors.
  • There are plenty of floral designs on the cards with millions of textures to choose from.
  • The wording spaces in the cards are evenly filled with specialized sentences, which are very polite in summoning people.
  • Mentioning different events on the card for the guests is an important part.
  • Hi! I’m Debanjoy from Bengal, have a Tamil friend, whose family is very conscious about their son’s wedding, which leads to many changes according to their South Indian wedding invitations. Thankfully, we got the best card from

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