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Understanding the Cloud Computing

Author: Terry Mak
by Terry Mak
Posted: Feb 12, 2017

Cloud is actually defined as a pool of virtualized computer resources or it may be a platform that activates the server. Whereas, cloud computing is the combination of both platform and the type of application built in for the functioning. In simple sense, cloud computing is an application which has been extended to access through internet.

Cloud computing architecture:

This is nothing but the basic components that are required for building up the cloud. Usually, there may be a front end plat form which is usually a physical machine used by the client, a back end plat form which is fortunately the server accessible through the internet or intranet, etc. third component seems to be the cloud based delivery, last but not least the network services.

Cloud application architectures usually demand for the above said components. Cloud is usually installed or built in with the applications for their efficient functioning. And for installing the applications there may be in need of fundamental components and functioning components. The fundamental components are loose coupling and distributed application. Whereas the components that are required or enabling the functioning of the cloud are as follows:

  • Stateful component.
  • Stateless component.
  • User interface component.
  • Processing component.
  • Batch processing component.
  • Data access component.
  • Data abstractor.
  • Idempotent processor.
  • Transaction based processor.
  • Time out based message processor.
  • Multi component image.

The above listed out components are those which the architects or the developers required in cloud computer architecture. Proper assembling of these components enables a better performance as single user cloud application architecture or as a multi tenancy, which involves usage of the cloud application between different users.

It has been more we talked about cloud computing and cloud computing architecture. And now it’s time to read out about the cloud providers. Again it is the software and hardware components the enables the cloud computing as a service (saas), platform as a service (paas), infrastructure as a service ( IAAS), storage as a service (saas), security as a service (saas), data as a service ( daas), test environment as a service, back end as a service are the few numbers of components held up as a cloud providers. So no matter about which of the component above used in the cloud application architecture but the final result is enabling the cloud computing. Cloud architecture patterns make it easy for developers in developing different cloud based applications and architectures.

Cloud computing application is the first choice of the IT companies where happen about hundreds and thousands of servers need to be worked with. However, the cloud computing industry should be much concerned about the security and privacy terms and conditions because the vast usage of the cloud computing in different devices enables the software threat or the files piracy.

About us: This has raised a big question in front of the cloud computing company and which is also sought out by them with the limited level usage of cloud by entering unique username and password for every single him or her.

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