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Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Irrigation Pump

Author: Danny Woodhams
by Danny Woodhams
Posted: Feb 14, 2017

When it comes to water pumps for irrigation purposes, farmers have many options to choose from. But most buyers fail to make the right selection due to lack of awareness, thus putting their money to waste. Here's a buying guide you shall refer to make sure you get the right water pump in Perth for your irrigation requirements.

Aspects to Consider:

Some specific irrigation applications have special requirements, however some of the common considerations to choose the right water pump for farming include:

  1. Available source of power
  2. Operating frequency
  3. Cost per unit of power
  4. Suction conditions
  5. Availability of shelter and waterproofing of pump
  6. Maintenance facilities
  7. Possibilities of corrosion, wear and tear
  8. Physical or space limitations

Types of Water Pumps:

There are two major categories of water pumps including:

  1. Rotodynamic pump
  2. Positive displacement pump

Rotodynamic water pumps are used in the case of sprinkler irrigation where higher efficiency plays a role more than high pressures. Centrifugal water pumps fall under this category and are widely used in agriculture.

For pump discharges less than two litres per second, positive displacement pump is an ideal choice. The said pumping rate is low flow, and is meant for domestic irrigation applications.

Consider the Cost and Efficiency:

With the rise in fuel and electricity prices, it is important for farmers to look at the overall efficiency of the water pump. Higher the efficiency, lower the electricity expenses. And for your irrigation system to be highly efficient, your choice of pump, prime mover and piping must be right.

Firstly, examine the efficiency of the pump before selecting it. Water pump consumes most of the energy, which is why you should never make a wrong choice in this regard. A pump that is well designed will help you in using your water in the most effective way possible. Proper selection of components such as valves, diameters & fittings, and regular maintenance are other factors that count towards more energy savings.

Corrosion and Wear:

One of the major elements that adversely impact the performance of water pumps is corrosion and normal wear and tear. This is why it is vital that the water pump you buy is durable and less susceptible to damage. Factors such as the type of material, water quality, mechanical design, temperature and others contribute to the depletion in performance over time.

If you are still unsure about choosing the right water pumps that suit your requirements, get in touch with a professional today! Fulfil your irrigation needs with the right selection of water pumps in Perth today!

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