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Downfalls of Robotic Surgery

Author: Simon Hopes
by Simon Hopes
Posted: Aug 21, 2018

We have discussed about the how the patients and surgeons benefit from robotic surgeries. For hospitals that use robotic surgery procedures, it is trendy, glamorous and time saving. There are after all so many tasks that a machine could do better than the human could. Operating on people is one of them. They take away the risks, they cut down on unnecessary costs and they minimise infections on patients after the surgical procedures. This is all very good and in some cases, the surgeons can even carry out other tasks as they let the robotic arms take over from them.

Universal Robots is one of the manufacturers in the forefront of making the most flexible and safest surgical robots in the world. They are human friendly, light, can penetrate places the humans cannot and they occupy very little space. They are easy to move around and all come with sensors that follow instructions clearly. They also come in different sizes and shapes all depending on the tasks meant for them. If you want to know about robot assembly log onto the Universal Robots website.

As much as the robotic arms offer so many benefits, they are after all machines and systems. Systems and machines are not fool proof and even robotic surgeries have their own disadvantages. Though the benefits of the robotic arms used for surgeries outweigh the disadvantages, it is always good to look at both sides. Medical institutions continue looking at the disadvantages but these should in no way mean that hospitals are giving up the new trend of using robotic arms for surgeries.

The disadvantages of using robotic surgeries Power outages

These may be one of the biggest problems when using robotic arms for surgery. Many of the surgical robots depend on power to carry out their work. If there is an outage in the middle of a procedure, then this could be traumatic for the patient and the hospital. Hospitals must make sure there is a proper backup system that does not affect the procedures.

High costs

Some of the robotic surgeries may cost much more than surgeries done by the surgeons. The cost however comes about due to the initial cost of the robot. The costs are however fixed and they include the annual servicing costs. After a while however, the hospital recovers the money because it becomes cheaper to use the robots in the end. There are no additional training costs and robots today are costing much cheaper than they did when they were new in the market.

Malfunctioning possibilities

Like all electronics and machines, robots can malfunction either before or during a procedure. Though the percentage of them doing this minimal because they all have to undergo a thorough check before the procedures, it can still many of the cases if this happens, a surgeon can take over and finish the procedure. Some hospitals keep back up robots that can easily take over in case of a malfunction.

Takes time to learn

Robots are a new invention to many people. In order to use them effectively, they have to take time to learn them. The surgeons take time with the robots to practise carrying out surgeries before letting the robots take over on the actual surgeries. Doing this requires training from the manufacturers of the robots or people that have great knowledge and experience on how to use and care for the robots. This time taken to master the art of carrying out robotic surgeries could be used for something else through it pays off in the end.

Wrapping it up

Compared to the benefits, the risks of using robots in surgeries are minimal and they are factors that hospitals can take care of easily. It is however necessary to take all the precautions necessary because one the robots are just innovative machines and they can break down. Learning about them could keep the hospitals away from any legal redresses of medical malpractices.

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