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8 Reasons Nurses Wear Scrubs to Work

Author: Kevin Smith
by Kevin Smith
Posted: Feb 20, 2017

While sitting in a hospital waiting room, there isn’t much to do after a while besides let your mind wander. Something you might wonder is why nurses wear scrubs to work. While some of the functions of scrubs are relatively obvious, you might not have realized other benefits of these medical clothes. Here are eight reasons nurses wear scrubs in Oklahoma City.

1. Versatility

Scrubs are versatile clothes that fit virtually any body size or type. Because most hospitals need armies of nurses, having clothing that anyone can wear is a benefit.

2. Comfort

Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable at work. While other fabrics bind, squeeze, and chafe, scrub textiles generally don’t. By wearing scrubs, then, nurses are free to focus on their many medical tasks instead of tugging, stretching, and pulling their clothing back into place.

3. Flexibility

Nurses move around a lot during the day. They often must bend, stretch, and reach just to accomplish their everyday tasks. Because manufacturers make them from flexible materials, scrubs move easily with the nurse’s body. Even with the most extreme movements, these medical clothes usually stay in place and look nice.

4. Cheer

Perhaps the nurse’s most important job is to make the patient feel calm and comfortable. Often, those in the hospital are afraid of scary diagnoses or medical procedures. With an appropriate set of scrubs, nurses can typically help put the patient in a better mood. While they often exhibit empathy with their words and actions, nurses generally appreciate being able to extend cheer with their clothing.

5. Fashion

Modern scrubs do not have to be boring. In fact, many nurses wear scrubs in Oklahoma City as a fashion statement. While they are hardly ball gowns or tuxedos, medical clothes today come in a variety of prints, styles, and colors guaranteed to make any nurse look fantastic.

6. Protection

Scrub fabric provides a protective layer between the nurse’s body and the patient. Because some patients have extraordinarily contagious diseases, having a protective layer is important. Further, some scrub manufacturers apply antimicrobial and antibacterial treatments to fabric. Even without that added treatment, though, scrubs are an effective way to protect a nurse from exposure to bodily fluids and other dangerous contaminants.

7. Identification

In many hospitals, nurses distinguish themselves from those in other departments by the color or style of scrubs they wear. Similarly, you might be able to tell the difference between an RN, CNA, PT, or another medical professional based on his or her scrubs. When you are navigating the hospital, then, watch for different scrubs to see if your hospital’s nurses distinguish themselves by what they wear.

8. Hygiene

Unlike other textiles, scrub fabric doesn’t get dirty easily. By resisting stains scrubs keep a nurse looking neat throughout the day. If blood or some other item does happen to stain the fabric, scrubs are designed to come clean with relatively little effort. Since medical stains can be tough to treat, this is a considerable benefit for busy nurses.

If you have ever wondered why nurses wear scrubs in Oklahoma City, you should think about each of these eight benefits of wearing specialized medical clothing.

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