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The History behind Translation

Author: Atomick Traduire
by Atomick Traduire
Posted: Feb 21, 2017
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In this modern world, booming translation and its related services has revolutionized the means of communication with no borders. Every element in the universe has a history behind it, and so is translation that has got some predefined history. Atomick Traduire in this article provides you a journey to explore the evolution of translation.

Evolution theory

We all do communicate in different medium and language. Each human being is trained to speak in their early stages by their ancestors. But we do not have the option of knowing how it had all started. How did language begin? This question had been solved by various linguistic experts in their research. According to them words and writing practices began after speech came into existence. So what is the initial step which made us to carry out speech, it's nothing but the theories of language. According to linguistic experts, the theories of language are generally referred by the nicknames and the sounds which are provided during olden ages.

The bow-wow theory: In this theory, people tried to imitate Bow-wow, moo, baa, sounds in order to represent some object or events. Even today, we could see some of these kinds of words which actually resembles with the above-mentioned sounds.

The pooh-pooh theory: These speeches are vocal response made during fear, pain, surprise and other emotions. Even animals can make likewise sounds but they won't end up with language.

The ding-dong theory: this type is majorly used to attract a group of people and also reflect some mystical harmony or resonance, which are actually connected with the word.

The la-la theory: this idea of speech is sound emerged from love, poetic, sensibility, etc.

The yo-he-ho theory: this idea of speech is rhythmic grunts made by people to coordinate their actions while working together

The ta-ta theory: this type came from tongue and mouth to mimic manual gesture. Most of the characteristic gestures we represent get associated with them.

Evolution of Languages:

Millions of years ago our ancestors communicated through sound, symbols, and images. They used various theories to express their reactions. As generation passed, they used different sounds to represent different objects and events which helped them to evolve a complex vocal pattern which is so-called speech. Gradually they are derived as written scripts which can easily be understood by everyone inside a community.

As time passed, different language has been evolved in different part of the world which can be seen in various communities. This helped our ancestors to express their thoughts and views quickly to everyone inside their community.

Evolution of translation:

As People started to move from one place to another for surviving and Trade, they came to know about an actual fact that each set of the community had their own language. At that time it was hard for a new entrant to understand the new language, so they tried to learn that particular language in order to survive or to make a trade in that community. Hence, there was a problem and the solution identified is what we call as TRANSLATION

The word "translation" is originated from Latin meaning "to bring across". Trade is not the sole responsible reason for the emergence of the Translation, but there was also need for translating the communities’ literary and religious works in the form of prose and poetry. Thus the importance of interpretation and translation has been established. The translation was developed initially in order to fill a sore need that plagued every nation who wanted to communicate with other countries for trade and development. In recent years, ‘Translation Services' has given us a platform that enables us to communicate accurately with stakeholders, customers and anyone around the globe.

Translation - Recent years:

Over a long period, Translation seems to be the real driver for international relationship, as it was indispensable for the process of communication. It is important that each and every culture involves reading and writing of their values and translation plays a vital role in expressing each cultural value to all. It is an integral part. Translation industry became an independent art and science - one that could serve the world for an indeterminate period.

Officially, there are 6800 languages spoken around the world, in which significant type of languages have a unique scripts and rest have shared scripts based on the origin. In fact, every culture in this world has interconnection with other cultures in general. This means that there are n numbers of requirements for translation for every minute globally. Bigger organizations like ‘One Hour Translation’, ‘Trusted Translation’ are trying to provide best translation services with good quality human translators for achieving the task. ‘One Hour Translation’ does streamline process in order to provide a fast professional translation.

Global practices of translation:

Nowadays, the technology has stepped up the speed of translation when compared to human translation. Technology plays a crucial place in today's translation industry which had also given birth to the machine and machine-aided human translation.

In order to improve the efficiency, convenience and speed, the technology is been embraced at every turn of translation. Embracing Innovative technologies makes a real difference in your requirement when applied in right situation. Various IT platforms are designed in order to meet the requirement in translation industry with respect to machine translations.

Technology also helps the translators to outsource their translation memories to hard drives or in the cloud instead of being confined to the unreliable human brain. This also helps the translators to share, check and even consult with the experts.

Problems faced in translation services

As the Translation services is booming. Larger companies make million dollars profit each year. Some companies have more than 10,000 translators in order to help their customers. As the number of potential clients goes on increasing, we do have a constant increase in providing them the service with the help of freelancers, apps and agencies. But there is an alternative question which arises in our mind - Do customers really get the best service? While finding the answer to this question we came across various problems which are really happening in translation Industry.

Major experts found the translation industry keeps on growing. But there are some real time issues which actually reduces the profitability of the translation services that includes lack of quality, the new innovative concepts like Machine Translations, Improper examinations of the translators inside the agency, lack of concept knowledge, Poor editing and redrafting skills, lack of culture connections, etc

Atomick Traduire - A solution for your translation problems

Being a successful solution provider in the field of Information Technology, Infom Atomicka had served the industry for past nine years with international standards. We are headquartered in the French Riviera for all these years, though we serve globally. As a step further to our e-learning process, we had Kick started "Atomick Traduire", a translation service division of Infom Atomicka.

Atomick Traduire is aimed at helping our clients ensure the utmost quality of their translation requirements on time and on budget and maintaining utmost confidentiality. Since we are based at Puducherry - a French colonial settlement in India, we have a wide knowledge of French culture and their values. And our major vision is to be the market leader in offering smart French and other multi-lingual translation services and solutions for today's businesses across the globe

We provide a high-quality translation service with the help of certified linguists closely guided by the language experts who are greatly experienced at ensuring the most stringent quality standards. We also cover a wide scope of projects, including document translation, e-learning materials translation, typesetting and graphic translation, voice over, dubbing and subtitling.

We truly believe that translation is not just a process of converting a script from one language to another, but it is the process of converting one literary value to another. We strongly believe in literary values of every language and we also provide a free consultation to understand how we could help the customer to address their translation requirements in a most efficient way as their trusted service partner. Feel free to contact us via for a free consultation or visit us at to know more about our services in the translation platform

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Infom Atomicka is a software development company headquartered at Puducherry, India, with presence in the United Kingdom and France.

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