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Raised Bed Farming is a Versatile Method of Agriculture to Raise Higher Yields

Author: David McGrath
by David McGrath
Posted: Feb 21, 2017
raised bed

Style of farming has changed considerably owing to various obstacles in growing organic food grains and vegetables. Shortage of irrigation water, natural fertilizer, soil erosion and lesser yields have further necessitated the need to find novel ways of farming and increase productivity using lesser resources. Raised bed farming management or RBM is the result of the various issues mentioned here and enthusiastic members of the farming society and farm machinery manufacturers have found ingenious methods and the necessary machinery and equipment for applying them have come with a range of tools that are supportive of the RBM. Using the RBM method to raise crops is suitable for all kinds of yields and they would summer crops, winter crops, vegetables, and animal fodder and specialist crops. The biggest advantage with the raised bed farming is that it uses lesser resources and keeps soil condition rich and suitable for sustained farming for several seasons. With intense farming done with the conventional methods quickly drain the fertility of the soil and render it with decreased nutrients to foster increased growth. The raised beds are complex agriculture systems which primarily uses the permaculture methods and principles. The system controls the soil erosion effectively, conserve water, recycle and retain nutrients in its composition. Contour lines are formed on slopes and they can be large fields to give opportunity to undertake intense farming and you will need farm equipment and machinery specially designed and fabricated for the purpose.

The tools invented for the raised bed farming are designed with purpose and make the farmers’ task easy such as the Bed Former, Bed Locker and Bed Weeder which is a versatile piece of machinery conducive for undertaking farming operations like Seeding, Transplanting, and fertilization with ease. These agricultural implements are tractor drawn hence they do not sap your energy but make your farming tasks rather easy and allow you to complete tasks in a disciplined manner. The RBM is the need of the times as the world sees depletion of nutrition in the soil due to intensive farming without recycling and fortifying the fields and resorting to the old ways of agriculture resulting into the infertility of soils and the resulting low yields and poor quality crop.

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